The guide to M Curl and L Curl

For those who want an excellent lift-up, L and M curl lashes are two of the best choices out there. 

When it comes to improving looks and providing a great lift, M curl lashes and L curl lashes are two of the best curl types that you can go for. Quite often we as lash artists tend to forget these two simply because there are too many of them! Choosing the right type of eyelash extensions is already tough, but choosing the right curl is even tougher. 

It is important to understand what kind of effect each curl will give. Learning the basics is always the first thing to do! 

What are M Curl and L Curl?

Both the L and M curl lashes are also called lift-up curls, in that they both provide excellent lash lifts. Since they both are functionally the same and within one category, trying to discern between them will be quite difficult. That said, we’re here to help!

First, we will talk about the M curl lash extensions. This is a curl that behaves not unlike a lash lift and is very good for clients with downward angled lashes. It will help widening the eyes and in turn enhancing them. Clients with straight natural lashes can employ its usefulness to the fullest as well. 

Essentially, due to the dramatic upward angle that the M curl has, it provides a nice lash lift and a wide-eye effect that are very consistent and noticeable. Clients will like that it’s not overly dramatic as well, unless they have upward angled natural lashes, in which case the M curl is not recommended for usage. 

The L curl is quite the opposite in this regard, despite still being a curl that provides great lift effect. The L curl has a long flat base and when this is used on downward-angled lashes.

However, if you can apply the L curl and the situation is good for it, it can be very, very rewarding. If the client has hooded or droopy eyelids, the L curl is just awesome! Usually this type of curl is very good for older clients.

Who should use M Curl?

M Curl

Because the M curl has a dramatic upward angle, it will be great for when you need a lash lift and want to create a wide-eye effect. If you zoom in on its curls, you will see what we’re talking about.

If the client has natural lashes that point downward, the M curl should be one of the first things that pop up in your mind as lash artists. It’s the ideal curl style for this type of natural lash situation.

Clients with straight lashes are also great candidates for an M curl application as well. Generally speaking, the M curl will provide a lash lift that helps to widen both downward and straight eyelashes. 

Be sure to not use this style on clients with upward angled natural lashes or those with hooded eyelids, however, as it can create an unnatural look. 

Who should use L Curl?

L Curl

The L curl is pretty much just the C curl except with a flat base. But because of this flat base, it appears slightly curvier than the M curl, and is stronger as well. If your clients want to better define their eyes and want to make it look brighter and more vivid, then the L curl is a sterling option.

Its shape can be described as straight but with a slight, curly tip. This tip will do the heavy work; it helps to provide a lift and offers really nice retention. Both classic and volume lash sets can make use of this curl because of its durability and function. 

The L curl can be used best for those with deep-set eyes or older clients with hooded, droopy eyelids to provide a fantastic lift effect. If applied successfully, it can be very visually rewarding. However, this curl is not very good for natural lashes that angle downward, since the long flat base can make the overall look appear too conservative.

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M curl lash extensions and L curl lash extensions are reserved for clients with a more specific type of natural lash, and thus should only be applied once you’ve equipped yourself with full knowledge of the client’s appearance and natural lash properties.