The best eyelash extension for almond eyes

What are almond eyes?

Almond eyes are a very common eye shape. Almond eye shapes are eyes that are somewhere between round and narrow eyes. This eye shape looks good with most of the eyelash extensions mappings and types. We’ll discuss in this article the best eyelash extensions for almond eyes. 

What to consider when choosing lashes for almond eyes?

best eyelashes for almond eyes

Basically, when it comes to almond eyes, there are three main points you need to consider to choose the right lashes: 

  • The length of eyelash extensions
  • The curl of eyelash extensions
  • The facial figures

Almond-shaped eyes are usually twice as wide. They are high and are considered the most common eye shape. And due to the fact that almond eyes are considered the most proportionate eye shape, they will support nearly any lash styling. Clients with that kind of eye shape usually want to elongate their eyes to enhance their beauty. 

Take some time to consider their natural eyelashes in order to choose the right curl. If their natural lashes are curled, you might want to go for C or L curls since those are slightly curled. If their natural eyelashes are downward, you might want to go for CC curl to uplift their natural lashes. 

Lengths will depend on their natural lashes as well. Take some time to measure the lengths of their natural lashes in order to decide what lengths to use to make sure their natural lashes remain healthy. 

best eyelashes for almond shaped eyes

For the mapping, the shortest lashes are usually on the inner corners, and from the inner corners, we can add more lengths. The longest lengths must be at the outer corners of the eyes in order to give that beautiful cat-eye effect. 

Some clients might not want to elongate their natural eyelashes but would like their eyes to appear bigger. In that case, the best solution would be to do the doll’s eyes mappings. 

First, take some time to notice and to consider the length of your client’s natural eyelashes. If your client doesn’t have long natural eyelashes, make sure to not use extensions that are more than 2-3 mm longer than their natural eyelashes. That way, you’ll make sure their natural lashes remain healthy.

The perfect curl should also be noticed. Using very curled eyelashes on lashes that are naturally curled might not give you the result you or your client is looking for. If the natural lashes are straight, the perfect solution would be to use CC curl or D curl. If the natural lashes are curled, the best curls would be C or CC curls. 

Usually, to achieve the doll eyes style, you’ll have to start short from the inner corners, and then put the longest lengths in the middle of the eye, and medium lengths on outer eyelashes. This mapping will make the eyes look bigger by ‘’opening’’ up the eyes without making them ‘’round’’.

Best eyelashes for almond eyes

best lashes for almond eyes

Clients who have almond eyes opt to go for a cat-eye effect, which can be achieved with C, CC, or L curl. One way to bring this lash set up a notch would be to use a  stronger curl on the outermost part of the lash line as it will provide lift. To avoid droopiness, keep the look neat by lowering length at the extreme outside corner.

Depending on what type of lashes your client is requesting, here are some recommended products: 

best lashes for almond shaped eyes

LLBA tweezers

Our tweezers are designed with a ruler so you can measure the client’s natural eyelashes. They are great for making fans or picking up promade fans. They also have various colors which allow you to match your tweezers to your lash room and your preferences! 

eyelash for almond eyes

LLBA Flat lashes for classic lashes

Flat lashes are classic lashes that have a flat base, which gives a bolder look. They are great for people who have thin lashes, but still want to have a classic set. It also gives a more fuller look without having to use any volume fans. 

eyelashes for almond eyes

Lash map stickers

These are great to help you map out your lash style while still keeping the under-eye pad free from any writing. 

eyelashes for almond shaped eyes

LLBA promade lashes for volume or hybrid set

If you aren’t comfortable making your own fans yet, take a look at LLBA Professional’s promade fans. They are great and have different sizes of fans between 3D to 18D in different curls such as C, CC, D, DD, L & M curls. 

They are also available in different types of packaging which let you purchase the right one depending on the number of clients you have. Some packaging offers single lengths, while others offer 3 different lengths, and some offer more! These promades have a tiny base which is great for a seamless application. 

It is not always easy to choose the right eyelash extensions, but we hope you are more able to choose the right eyelash extensions for clients who have almond eyes with our article! It takes some time and experience in order to make the right decision, but practice makes perfect! Don’t be scared to ask for advice from your lash friends and community. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as it is an essential part of learning.