The best before and after hybrid lashes sets

Honestly, the look of eyelashes before and after the lash extension process is always something a client is interested in, particularly unique styles like hybrid lash extensions. It is the final confirmation of the client before starting the eyelash extension. Therefore, you need to carefully check and be proactive in giving advice and give them a stable feeling of confidence in your artistry.

Let's discover the change of hybrid lashes before and after!

Doll eyes hybrid eyelash extensions before and after pics

You know, because doll eyes hybrid eyelash extensions focus on making the eyes bigger and youthful, you will quickly notice the change in hybrid lash extensions before and after. A large eye, curled eyelashes, and moderate thickness make the eyes more balanced and vivid. Clients also feel the apparent change of their eyelashes, especially those with sparse eyelashes and many gaps. We are impressed with hybrid doll eyes because it is suitable for girls with drooping eyelids or small eyes, making their eyes look bigger when they complete this lash style.

hybrid eyelash extensions before and after

Cat eyes hybrid eyelash extensions before and after pics

This cat eye hybrid eyelashes will surprise everyone with a spectacular change! It's easy to notice the sharp, impressive, and attractive characteristics that are all encapsulated in only one type of eyelash extension. Therefore, when advising clients, especially those with sparse lashes, lots of gaps, etc..., you need to consider cat-eye hybrid eyelash extensions, which would make up for a great choice.

hybrid eyelashes before and after

Wispy hybrid extensions before and after pics

It is one of the most popular eyelash extensions styles. Wispy hybrid extensions will split the following ratio: 70% classic, 30% volume. Hence, this style will create an alternation of eyelashes with corresponding curls. Clients of wispy hybrid extensions often love the natural and suitable highlights to avoid monotony. In particular, Wispy hybrid extensions help you feel confident but not too showy. So we can still use this type of eyelash extension in our daily life.

hybrid lash extensions before and after

We hope you enjoy the transformation of hybrid lash extensions before and after. What's more, you've become a pro when sharing them with your clients! Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions, and do not forget to follow our blog for more informative articles.