Premade vs handmade volume lashes

When premade lashes are being applied, it’s as simple as taking out the strip and dipping it in glue and applying it. Unlike premade lashes, applying handmade lashes is a delicate and sensitive procedure. If not done correctly, it could ruin the look and retention. Handmade lashes are made in real-time without using any machinery by the lash artist. Few lashes are taken from the strip and they are fanned together and then wrapped around natural lashes by dipping in glue.

What’s the difference between premade and handmade volume lashes?

What’s the difference between premade and handmade volume lashes?

Carefully done, handmade volume fans are made by a singular lash artist , without the utilization of any hardware, and are normally made during the appointment. The lashes are pulled off the strip in gatherings of two to 10 lashes, isolated and organized, dipped  into adhesive, and afterward wrapped to the client's regular lash. Customization comes effectively with handmade fans. Since they are specially designed according to the client’s natural lashes it's not difficult to switch around the number of lashes in each fan or the length to adjust if necessary through the set. . 

Pre-made fans, as the name suggests, are worked by a lash manufacturer, ready to put on a client's lash. The fans are made in advance by the manufacturer.. Pre-made lash fans are then either heat-reinforced or associated through a modest quantity of glue.

Premade fans have a thin  base. This keeps the adhesive from folding over the length and the regular lash which makes a solid connection. Premade fans can lay on top of the normal lash. 

Premade fans appeal to lash artists who didn’t get volume training yet l or those attempting to save time like many lash artists. Using promade fans can help the lash artists save up to one hour during a full set. 

Cons of pre-made vs handmade volume lashes:

Cons of pre-made vs handmade volume lashes

  • Handmade lashes need more precision:

No two sets of natural lashes are the same, just as no two sets  of lash extensions  are. It is imperative that lash length, breadth, and weight are precisely adjusted to protect the client's natural lash while also achieving the greatest possible look. The more complicated the fan-making process, the more it alters the client's natural lash.

  • Pre-made lashes aren’t flexible

Pre-made fans, on the other hand, don't offer as much flexibility when adjusting to different lash surfaces, lengths, or quality. Furthermore, the artist has no control over how much adhesive is now on the fan, which means that additional weight could be added by dipping the volume fan a second time. Because of the weak attachment, there is a greater risk of the lashes falling out if they are not carefully adjusted. This is why the lash artist needs to choose carefully the right diameters and lengths.

In the end, everything comes down to personal preference and what works best for you, and your skill level.

Pros of premade vs handmade lashes

  • Pre-made lashes are cheap and easy to apply

The time and energy you'll save by purchasing premade lashes can be put to better use by booking more clients or growing your business. An interesting topic to consider is whether or not they are more expensive than making your own. Whatever you choose, make sure you give yourself the chance to bring your art to fruition. It doesn't matter what strategy you choose if you don't have proper protocol and tight control.

  • Handmade lashes can easily be customized and are long-lasting

Handmade lashes can easily be customized and are long-lasting

As a lash technician, you have the power to make these decisions in light of everything. It's important to focus on quality rather than quantity when creating something unforgettable.Handmade can give a longer retention than promade because of the wrapping technique, which can make the lash extensions last longer.