Most popular curls for different lash sets

As a professional lash artist, choosing the right eyelash extension curl for your clients can be the most difficult task there is!

It is our job to learn about all the different types of eyelash curls in order to give the best look for our clients.

In this article, we will separate the different types of curls into categories relating to their functions: curls for a classic set, volume set, for doll eyes and cat eyes. 

Sometimes one curl can be used for many sets and styles, so there will be some options that appear multiple times in this article. This is to give a complete picture of all the possible curls that can be used in each set.

Curls for a classic set

A classic set refers to a set of lashes applied individually to only one single natural lash at a time. Since the lash artist applies extensions one by one on each individual lash, they can easily control the look and can adjust the length and  curl when necessary.

Our clients often choose a classic set when they are looking for something that will help them to improve their look but also appear natural. Usually the most popular curls for this set are curl types that are relatively conservative, or a bit more dramatic but not so much that it becomes overdone!

But overall, most types of curls can be used for this set, since for classic sets we want to adhere to our clients’ requests, the type of curls that we use will vary as well. We want to satisfy our clients to the best of our abilities so that they get their desired look – while not going overboard and risk ruining the natural lashes. Balance is key.

Next we will talk about two of the most popular lash extension curls: Curls for doll eyes and cat eyes. These are becoming more and more in popularity due to the fact that more and more of our clients are opting for a more dramatic, defined look around their eyes.

Curls for doll eyes

There are a lot of curl types out there suitable for creating a doll-eye effect. They are usually curls that appear longer and will help the eyes look bigger and brighter. A defined outline around the eyes will be the result of a successful application of these curls.

For this style, you can use extension curls such as the CC, D, or DD. The idea is to open up the client’s eyes.

It is important to take in consideration the natural lash curl in order to choose the right curl. If the lashes are very curled or slightly curled, you might want to use CC curl, and if the natural lashes are straight or downward, D curl can be a good option.

Curls for cat eyes

Curl styles that produce the cat-eye effect will be best for clients with round eyes. The right curls for this will depend greatly on the contexts and the situation of the natural lashes, but generally speaking you can use a wide variety of curls in order to create such an effect.

Namely, the C up to D curls are great for cat eyes. Additionally, CC curls are also wonderful. You can go creative and mix them as well; for example, M and C curl combinations can sometimes be the best mixes for the cat-eye effect. 

If the client has thinner lashes, or straight lashes, L and L+ curls work very well also.

Curls for volume

When it comes to volume sets, you can employ curls that create the popular looks of the doll eyes and cat eyes. They include curls that create cat eye effects like the M and C curl combos, or CC, D, DD and U curls which are great for doll eyes!

For volume lashes, clients usually prefer something dramatic, so the rule of thumb is that volume lashes are great with dramatic curls. The most popular ones used for volume are : C, CC, D, M and L Curls.

Of course the client’s own natural lashes have to be considered as well. Try to assess if the natural lashes can support the extension types that feature these curls and determine the next step. Play around and mix the curls up to eventually create a desired look that satisfies both you and your clients.

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