Lash tech guide to wholesale eyelash extension trays

Imagine: You are a lash artist, and your daily job is to interact and create many types of eyelash extensions, right? Do you feel like looking for the right products is challenging? Are you looking for a source of affordable, safe, good quality eyelash extensions and especially bulk eyelash trays? Let's find out together! The following article will be for you! Here we will share useful information so that you can know how to buy bulk eyelash trays at reasonable prices, discounts but still safe and quality.

Why should you buy from an eyelash extension wholesaler?

eyelash extension trays wholesale

There will be many reasons for you to consider this. Here are the most common reasons:

Wide range of products: You can find everything you need in an online store that sells eyelash extensions products. You do not have to spend too much time looking for suitable products. In addition, you also have many choices and compare them with each other.

Cost: If you need eyelash extension trays, then you buy them at eyelash extensions suppliers who offer to sell in bulk and you will get a much cheaper price than buying them at regular prices. Besides, they also help you with the free or lowest shipping fee, advise you on new lash trays for sale, have a commitment to quality, etc. These will all be very helpful when your order has problems so as to not incur other costs. You also have more discount packages and attractive points from major eyelash extensions wholesalers. In summary, you will feel the cost savings very clearly with each purchase.

Services and facilities: For those who are eyelash extensions store owners, you are often very busy and do not have much time to learn about new products and trends. This is where, eyelash extension trays suppliers will help you the most. They will be enthusiastic and attentive to advise and recommend everything that is currently hot in the market, including bulk eyelash trays in the spotlight. Once the order has been placed, you are rest assured to receive the goods you need because the agents guarantee all orders' problems. If you’re unlucky enough to encounter a defective product, you can also apply the appropriate return policies discussed earlier with the supplier.

Where can you find eyelash extension tray wholesale

Online stores

Online stores: Currently, this type of selling is quite popular and convenient. You can find familiar brands on platforms like Facebook, website, Instagram, etc. They will regularly update new products, collections, lash trays for sale, and you can easily buy them. One downside of this type is that you don't directly see the product to be purchased. Sometimes, the product's color, quality, and style may differ slightly from the actual item.

Online marketplace: Reputable e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, and Aliexpress are familiar names in this type of selling. You will easily find wholesale eyelash extension trays products with different prices to compare between stores. Your problem is to spend time researching and choosing prestige suppliers.

Eyelash extension suppliers in Canada: Usually, small businesses or store owners will choose lash trays in Canada via this sales channel. They will list the brands they have an eye on, then talk directly to the suppliers. One advantage is that some suppliers that provide lash trays in Canada also focus on research, production, and supply, so they provide good quality products at a cheaper cost than the comparable competition. There are many eyelash extension suppliers in Canada for you to choose from. The most significant advantage of this sales channel is that you can talk directly with the seller and confirm the items before buying them. And if there is a problem with the order, you can also contact them to solve it directly and quickly.

How to choose the best eyelash extension trays wholesale?

choose the best eyelash extension trays wholesale

It is not difficult to find a good supplier. However, let's take a look at a few notes!

  1. You should find out information and the activities of the eyelash extension tray wholesale supplier of interest. For example, how long have they been operating for? Are their products various? What is the origin of their products? Beware of vendors that can't tell you who they are and how long they've been in business!

  2. Quality of the source: Usually, with eyelash extension trays wholesale, many customers often prioritize goods from Korea, Japan, and China. Therefore, you should check the origin of the eyelash trays you want.

  3. Support services and add-ons: A suitable eyelash extension trays supplier will always be available to provide you with detailed support services. They will assist you with shipping and notify you of the exact fees you need to pay. If there is a problem with the order, they are also ready to return it for you. In addition, if a supplier can give you additional utilities such as payment support, split payments in installments, etc., It is wonderful!

  4. Cost: We put this point last on this list because we want you to understand that a good supplier doesn't come cheap. Everything has to be balanced, and the relation between quality and cost is no exception. After the three things we have just shared above, let's evaluate their cost. Good suppliers sometimes will not discount too much and directly on the order value. You will receive a discount and accumulate points for your next purchase. They need you to make sure you buy eyelash trays bulk from them, and this relationship will grow over time.

There are a few things you can refer to, such as the supplier's address, the reviews from customers, how they send information to you, and how they take care of their customers. In the end, we think you'll need time to figure things out before making a decision. Good luck!