Hybrid and classic lashes - a comparison guide

What are the differences between hybrid and classic lashes?

As lash artists, our training allows us to offer a variety of different looks and styles to our clients. The two we are going to compare today are  classic and hybrid.

Classic lashes are the traditional lashes. They are natural for those who don’t want to have a bold look.

Hybrid lashes consist of having a lash set between classic and volume sets. It gives a more voluminous effect than a classic set, but less than a volume.

The thickness of the classic lashes is thicker. The diameters go from 0.10 mm to 0.20 mm.

The thickness of the hybrid sets will have mixed diameters from 0.05 mm to 0.10 mm for the volume fans (multiple lashes applied on one lash), and from 0.10 mm to 0.20 mm for the classic lashes.

The thickness will depend on the natural lashes. The stronger the natural lashes are, the thicker lash extension can be used. 

Who should get classic vs. hybrid lashes?

hybrid lashes vs classic

Clients who want to get a very natural look should get classic lashes. It will give them a natural look. If they don’t have a lot of natural lashes, you might want to take a look at flat lashes in order to give them a full natural look.

Clients who still want a natural look, but a bit more, should go for hybrid lashes. It will give them a natural look, but fuller. Clients who aren’t satisfied with the natural look of the classic lashes might be satisfied with the hybrid look.

For people who aren’t sure about what they want, we suggest trying classic sets first. Let them know if they want a fuller look, it is possible to do the infill with some volume lashes, which will give the client a hybrid look.

Clients who enjoy dramatic looks and lashes, shouldn’t get classic or hybrid lashes. They should go for volume sets. Check out the difference between hybrid and volume sets. 

The different making processes of classic and hybrid lashes

The techniques of those two sets are different: Classic lashes consist of applying one lash extension per natural lashes while Hybrid is a mix of single lash applied on natural lash, and multiple lashes applied on one natural lash.

classic vs hybrid lashes

Classic lashes will require the basic training in the lash field, but hybrid sets will require some knowledge in the volume world. A lash artist can either follow a volume lash training in order to achieve this look, or purchase premade fans in order to achieve a nice hybrid set.

For those who want to get a hybrid look, they should go to lash artists who have some experience already in the lash field.

classic lashes vs hybrid

Here are some characteristics of classic sets : 

  • They will take less time to achieve than hybrid sets.
  • They are less expensive than hybrid sets since they require fewer lashes than other sets. 
  • They give a natural look. 
  • Any properly trained lash artists will be able to do the classic set. It is the first lash training to get in the world of lashes extension.
  • Classic lashes won’t fit everyone, especially those who have holes in their natural eyelashes or very thin eyelashes.  

Here are some characteristics of hybrid sets:

Hybrid sets are in between the natural look and the voluminous look. It will give a fuller effect than classic sets, but less voluminous than volume sets.

It has a higher price than classic sets since it will require more time, more lashes, and a lash artist with more experience.

For both techniques, the same lengths can be used, and the most popular curls are C, CC, and D curls.

There is not much of a difference when it comes to retention. All infills should be done within 2 to 3 weeks after the full set is done, depending on everyone's lashes, their growth, and the client’s aftercare maintenance.

Both classic and hybrid lash sets provide a different look depending on your style. This makes eyelash extensions great for everyone because they can offer them a  different look when they want to achieve something that is not their usual eye shape, length, or thickness. It is always important to consult with each client before the work begins to ensure they are aware of the differences between the various styles and you are able to assess if they are a good candidate for lash extensions, in general.

Regardless, each type of set brings uniqueness and flair that each client will love once the set is done and they take a look in the mirror. You can also put your own special touches to each set which can separate you from other lash technicians.