How to use L curl lash extensions

What are L curl lash extensions?

What are L curl lash extensions?

L curl lash extensions have a lot of unique characteristics that distinguish them distinct from other lash curls. It starts flat but swiftly morphs into a C curl lift from the center of the extension to the tips, giving a very sophisticated L shape. This curl may be applied to every lash style, from classic to colossal volume, and it can be as natural-looking or extravagant as you desire.

L shape lash extensions are ideal for:

  • People that have mono-lid eyes.
  • People who have downward-pointing natural lashes.
  • Mature people since it has a beautiful lifting look.

What eye shapes are suitable for L curl?

The very fact is that these are unique lashes with a flat base and a dramatic curl that shows from under the lid. It raises the lash line and gives the eyes a bright, vibrant appearance, perfect for small, hooded, almond, or mono-lid eye shapes.

What eye shapes are suitable for L curl?

L curl lash extensions are ideal for clients with hooded eyes, and those with eyelid folds that do not compliment their eye shape well (i.e., need to be disguised behind the lashes). The L curl is ideal for hooded eyes since the flat base extends out farther away from the upper lid so that the curl doesn't contact their brow bone as a D curl might.

The idea is to create as many contact points as possible between the natural lash base and the extensions. It will be easier to add the roots if the extension is extremely curly, but the natural lash is straight, leading to poor retention. L curl lashes have a unique curl, making them perfect for individuals with hooded lids for whom D curl isn't adequate.

  • The application of volume lashes is perfect for monolid eyes. You can/should use the thickness of 0.05 and 0.07.
  • L curl lash extensions are fantastic for lifting lashes and on clients with hooded eyes and creating an extreme cat-eye effect.

Curls in the L and L+ range are C or D curls with a flat foundation. L and L+ curls were created to provide people with hooded eyes, deep-set eyes, and mature people with drooping eyelids a wide-eyed look. L+ has a little bit more curvature than L curl lash extensions.

Working with L curl 

The contemporary demand for dramatic and extraordinary eyelash styles can be ascribed to the increased demand for L curl lashes. People are constantly looking for the newest lash style, but before getting them, you need to make sure you're going to get a look that complements your eye shape as well.

L curl lash extensions are best for people with natural lashes that are straight or downturned. To analyze the client's lashes, stare straight ahead, if they have straight natural eyelashes, then L shape lash extensions are good for your eyes as these will provide a lifting look to the eyes dramatically. Take a look at the natural lashes from the side to observe how elevated they are. Moreover, if your lashes appear to extend straight or downwards, you are a good candidate for L curl lashes.

The right mapping for L curl

The right mapping for L curl

Let's keep this simple: you must map out your sets to stay on track and get the exact appearance clients are looking for. This lash curl is best for individuals with straight eyelashes that tip downward. The curl will offer a dramatic/ exotic appearance, and for sure, your client will enjoy it since it is unique. 

Before mapping L curl lash extensions, be sure to talk with your client effectively to have a better grasp of their preferences. As lash professionals, you may be aware of many methods and styles for lash mapping. As a lash artist, you must deliver exactly what your clients want. 

Use L curl lash extensions to offer your clients the ideal wide eye impression, and to do so, proper mapping according to their eye shape and demand is necessary. The most popular mapping used with L curl is to create an extreme cat-eye or fox eye. The shortest lengths are put in the inner corners while the longest lengths are in the outer corners (for example, 8-9-10-11 mm).