How to use easy fan volume lash extensions

Lash artists looking to save some time when creating custom volume lash extension sets can benefit from Easy fan volume lash extensions that allow you to create fan lashes at a more efficient pace. However, a reduced application time does not mean compromising on the quality. In fact, Easy fan volume lash extensions will fan themselves, requiring minimum tweezer pressure to grab the number of lashes you want for your fan lash.

A small amount of adhesive is used to keep the base of the lashes together. This stops the volume fans from unraveling at the base giving the lash tech enough time to adjust the fan as they please.

easy fan volume lash extensions

Key benefits of using easy fan volume lashes:

  •       Time saving

The best thing about these lashes is how it saves both the lash artist and the client hours of application time. Creating handmade lash fans is no joke and is an intensely laborious process that takes years to perfect for the lash artist. 

  •       No experience is required

For someone who is new to the lashing game, or even if someone isn't a lash tech but just wants to try their hand at learning how to use fan lashes, this is a great place to start as it doesn't require one to enroll themselves in some beauty course.

  •       A good way to start learning handmade fans

A skill like a volume lash application comes at a hefty price tag. In-person or remote courses can range anywhere between 400-$2,000. This can be a reasonable investment, especially if one is just starting as a lash tech. This is why creating volume lash fans by using easy fan lashes is so great because it is something that takes a few hours of practice and therefore an incredibly accessible and handy trick to learn.

Key benefits of using easy fan volume lashes

How to use easy fan volume lash extensions

To create a perfect fan for easy fanning lashes, follow these steps:

  1. How to pick the lashes:

Using a pair of tweezers, pick and wiggle the lashes close to the root as picking them from too far up can separate the individual lashes.  

  1. Making the easy fan:

Keeping a steady hand, gently press the tweezers around the lashes and wiggle them open to create a fan from easy fan volume lash extensions. Remember to wiggle them above the lash root; otherwise, the fans could not only get unglued, but the special adhesive applied on these easy fan lashes could transfer to the tweezer, making it sticky.

  1. How to pick up the shaped fan lash:

Again, some precision and a steady hand are required. Gently use the tweezer to pick up the lash above the lash root so that there is room for applying the adhesive but not so high up that it makes the fan lose its shape. There should be enough space to dip the lash fan in glue; otherwise, poor lash retention can cause. This is where the lash artist's mastery comes into play, as it takes time and practice to hold the lash fan with a steady but gentle grip.

A common misstep that occurs when applying easy fan lashes

Something to watch out for when applying these lashes is:

Attaching the bundle of easy fan lashes without fanning them first- while it may be possible to apply lashes this way leading to an even faster application, it makes for a very tacky uneven look. Manually fanning the easy fan volume lash extensions gives you more control over the shape of the lash fan and over how many lashes should be placed on the natural lash. This is why fanning the lashes on the lash strip is so important.

A common misstep that occurs when applying easy fan lashes

Different choices of easy fan volume lash extensions

  •       Easy fan mix lashes - ranging between 0.03 to 0.07mm, these voluminous but natural-looking lashes are a culmination of single lengths of lashes on each strip.
  •       Mixed easy fan lashes - for using varying lengths for a feathered effect, mixed easy fans consist of lashes of the varying length providing different effects i.e., 3D or 5D, making for a dramatic theatrical look with a lot of fullness.
·       Camellia easy fan lashes - usually at 0.07 and 0.05, these lashes are best for customers looking to add a soft volume effect to their eyelashes. Camellia lashes are volume lash extensions that come in a variety of lengths. To simulate the look of real lashes, each row has three distinct lengths. As an outcome, the appearance is more realistic and fluffy.