How to mix different eyelash extension fans?

Can you really mix different eyelash extensions volume lashes? Let’s take some time to look a little closer and answer some of your questions regarding the process.

In order to understand how mixing lash extensions of different dimensions works, it’s important to first go over how many lash styles there actually are. The answer is that there are generally three main style categories: classic, hybrid and volume. 

The Classic style basically refers to the process of attaching one single lash extension to one individual natural eyelash. This style is usually chosen for when you need extra length and shape. Most of the time, classic lashes are best if what you want is a natural look.

This style is almost non-recognizable when compared to volume lash styles! These will give you the opposite of what classic styles offer: a thick, dramatic and fluffy look. If you have ever seen terms such as 3D, 4D, and so on, they indicate specific lash fans. These can range from up to 10D lashes, 12D lashes, 14D lashes and 16D lashes. The number represents the quantity of lash extensions in each fan, and the D stands for dimension.

Then there’s the main subject of this article: hybrid lash extensions. These extensions are a mix of the two styles, both classic and volume lashes. It’s the latest craze in the beauty world! To describe this style in detail, however, we need to delve a little further.

How to mix different eyelash extension fans

Can you really mix classic and volume eyelash extensions successfully? The answer is a resounding yes!

Hybrid lashes are reserved for when you need the best of both worlds, when you need both the natural appearance of classic lashes as well the fullness that comes with a volume lash set.

If your clients are requesting something with a bit more volume, but not so much as to give off an unnatural look, that’s when you step in and offer to them the hybrid – mixing classic lashes and volume lashes together to create a style that is more evenly balanced. 

Of course, this is not done in an improvised manner, but rather something you should strategize prior to application so that the final look that the hybrid lash styles create will properly fit and frame the eyes.

Classic lashes have a 1:1 ratio and are sometimes called 1D extensions, while volume lashes range from 3D lashes to 10D lashes, 12D lashes, 14D lashes and 16D lashes. Mixing them will be quite a difficult task, since the sizes and lengths of eyelash extensions are so different. However, the main aspects to focus on are precisely those ones.

Hybrid lash styles will be entirely dependent on how you mix the different lashes. If you want to achieve the famous hybrid look that the Kardashians made popular, you still have a lot of hoops to go through.

Since context is important and every situation is different, there’s really no universal style for hybrid lashes. A lot of it will rely on your own intuition. That being said, there are still a lot of things to consider when it comes to the different hybrid lash styles. 

Common styles using different lash fans

Note that mixed or hybrid lash extension sets mean that both classic and eyelash extensions volume lashes are mixed throughout the same lash set. This is not done separately. 

To create a lash style with the hybrid method, it’s best to think of it as mixing the diameters. A common style, or rather something that a lot of lash artists employ, is mixing lashes of 0.07 diameter with lashes of 0.15 diameter. You can also get more creative with this and tweak it slightly – for example, a mixed style using 0.07 diameter lashes and ones with 0.18 diameter. 

Again, there’s not a universal or particular set of diameters you must use in order to more “effectively” create a quality mixed set. Everything is dependent on your intuition and how your eyes see. However, it’s not recommended that you mix more than two diameters within the same set, as it can mess up the existing pattern. 

Next we should focus on the amount of eyelash extensions volume lashes and classic lashes that you apply. This is also entirely up to you. By default, applications still require that you put an extension on every individual natural lash. The process is not too different when compared to classic and volume lashes; the only thing different is that you will have to be a little more careful and train your eyes well!

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to the amount of each style of lashes in the hybrid set, it’s all personal preferences. Best to consult with your clients thoroughly before proceeding. Generally speaking, a hybrid set will take more time and require more effort, especially since volume fan making on its own takes quite a bit more time than classic lashes. As lash artists, you will have to take notice of this and tweak your charges.

There are many more things to ponder about when it comes to a hybrid set, so the information above merely provides a baseline. But since at its core mixed lash sets are all about flexibility, just keep on practicing and you will get a good handle on it!