How to make your own eyelash extension fans

Are you wondering about how to make your own eyelash extension fans? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll talk about self-fanning lashes and methods of making fans.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to eyelash extension fans is that there are at times way too many things to consider in regard to making them. As lash artists, we have our own personal preferences—but this sometimes causes contradictions.

For example (and more specifically for the purpose of the article) there is no universal way to make eyelash extension fans because of differences between lash artists. Our information and methods of fan making aims in part to unite professionals with some shared methodologies.

Why you should use self-fanning lashes

Self-fanning lashes are a wonder, but not many artists have heard about them, and among those who have, not many actually put it to use. This is because of the conservatism surrounding new ideas, but this really shouldn’t be the case!

These new products are designed for new artists! Self-fanning lashes are uniquely designed for lash technicians who are new to the art of hand making fans. They are taking the industry by storm and that’s due to one core factor—fantastic time saving.

The lash strips that these self-fanning lashes have enough glue at the base so lash artists can create fans with how many lashes they want in a second. At LLBA, we offer Easy Fans, the product line that enables you to create a whole bunch of them in one go.

Due to the lash strips, there’s very little glue needed at the base of the lashes. A common complaint when it comes to other kinds of lashes is that they use too much glue, so this is one strength that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Make no mistake that these self-fanning lashes still have very good retention. Despite being designed for easy picking up, these bad boys will stay in their strips and flower beautifully as soon as being put into use.

If you’re new and trying to save time during application, self-fanning lashes are something you should take a serious look at. 

Making fans using the pinch method

There are a bunch of fan making methods that are suitable and appropriate, but few that are truly great. One of those few is the pinch method. It’s essentially what it’s called: you pinch the lashes in order to make a fan. 

There are three main steps to consider when using this method, and we will proceed to go specifics on each of them.

The first one is pulling the lashes off the strip. Before this step, you will have to take into consideration what kinds of fans are suitable for your purpose, and how the clients will look after the application. Use tweezers (putting the tweezers on the lashes’ top and bottom) to pull the lashes towards you and up. 

The second step refers to pinching. This is the particular thing to focus on, when you use your hands to transition from tweezers to fingers. It’s preferable that you point the tips of both your thumb and index fingers towards your chest, and do so until they form a 90-degree angle to you. Proceed to pinch the base of the lash groups, then release pressure on the tweezers.

The third and final step is relatively easy. Now that you hold the base, keep pinching and rolling it to rotate the lashes into a fan. Remember to be very light with your movement, so that you can be more precise and not break the lashes. Once this is done, glue the fans onto the natural lash. 

Making fans using tweezers

Making fans using tweezers is all about technique and how you hold your tweezers. There are different types of tweezers, but the two main ones that are typically used to make fans are S Shape and L Shape tweezers, as they are designed to be ideal for picking up and attaching eyelash extension fans. 

Choose a pair of tweezers that provide an adequate yet comfortable grip and weight. It’s important to note that this is different from case to case, as in there’s not one tweezer that fits all purposes. Getting your own tweezers and practicing with them for a couple of weeks to get used to them is something we’d recommend if you don’t want to invest more on different pairs.

For fan making, tweezers are used to pick up the lashes and glue/join them together. Making proper fans is not an easy task at all so choosing a correct pair will be the utmost important factor, technique aside. 

Usually to create fans using tweezers, the general method is that you pick up some lashes using either your fingers or tweezers, then use additional tweezers to join them together at the base. This is the same whether you employ different approaches (Push and blow; lean and pick up; roll; etc.)

Eyelash extension fans are some of the hottest items in the beauty world currently, and it’s crucial that not only lash artists but also hairdressers and makeup artists in general should really get knowledgeable about them. Read the above carefully and try your hand at making your own eyelash extension fans - you may be greatly surprised at the result!