How to get the best look for dramatic style

To get a dramatic style, volume or mega volume sets are required. If your client isn’t too sure about what kind of set she wants, try the volume on her first, and if it still isn’t enough, suggest a mega volume set. 

If you aren’t able to make your own fans yet, check out promades for a dramatic eyelash extension look! 

Dramatic eyelash extension

It happens that you don’t feel like the lashes are dark enough. In order to achieve a very full set, and to give a dramatic set of lashes, it is important to fill every natural lash (except anagen lashes) and to choose carefully the right size of fan you will use. If your client doesn’t have a lot of natural lashes, it is important to make bigger fans or to buy bigger promades fans.

If you feel that you have filled out every natural lash with extensions but the set still isn’t dark enough, it could be that the bottom layers aren’t filled properly. We often miss the bottom layers due to the fact that the top layer covers the bottom lashes and so that gives a false impression that every natural lash is filled.To make sure you have filled every lash, work in layers, by using a tape or eye pads. You will be able to stick the first layer on the eyelid, and see every lash that wasn’t filled. 

Lash mapping for dramatic lash style

The most popular lash maps used for mega volume are : doll eyes, cat eyes and Kim K. The right lash map will depend on what kind of effect you are trying to achieve, and the natural eye shapes.

If your client wants to get bigger eyes, the Kim K and doll eyes look would be right for the client, but If your client wants to get wider eyes, the cat eyes should be used. 

Do not forget, the curls can also play a big role. If you want to achieve a very dramatic set, the CC and D curls are the ideal curls to lift the eyes. The right choice will depend on the natural lashes, the eye shapes and the look wanted. 

The best advice we can give you is to discuss with your client and see what they want, and from that, make a decision.