How to do hybrid lashes on small eyes

Eyelash extensions are the optimal solution chosen by many clients of all ages to enhance their look. Clients with small eyes or unbalanced natural eyelashes would choose hybrid lashes. In this article, we’ll learn more about this eyelash extension method!

What are hybrid lashes?

hybrid lashes on small eyes

The hybrid eyelash extensions method combines classic lashes with volume lashes to create an unique look for the eyes. By giving clients long and thick eyelashes, it also creates a highly eye-catching but equally natural effect, helping clients become shining, and impressing the opposite person.

The long and short eyelashes blend together in this eyelash extension style to make the eyes more sparkling, seductive, lively, and not rigid. It is suitable for clients who prefer bold, makeup layers. In addition, if your client likes the natural, simple but still wants to choose this lash style, then select the lengths smaller than usual and perform a thinner density of lashes. With this shape of eyelashes, clients can be suitable for all activities such as going out, attending a party, or everyday working look. You will become more attractive and stand out wherever you go.

What are particular figures of small eyes?

Small or sad eyes are often characterized by drooping eyes, especially at the corners, making the eyes lack freshness and vitality. There’s a saying that small eyes are single eyelids, lined eyelids. Accordingly, the eyelid lacks a prominent crease separating the eyelid into two parts. However, we believe that each person has a different eyelid condition, and they can rock single eyelids in their own way.

How to do hybrid lashes on small eyes?

hybrid lashes on small eyes

The way to improve the look of small eyes is to choose eyelash extensions that use medium-length and curled eyelashes or ones with a slight length towards the end of the eye. Hybrid lashes on the small eye are one of the great choices! But be mindful not to make eyelash extensions too thick or too long because it will make the eyes look heavy and cover most parts of the eyes.

Below are some crucial steps to do hybrid lashes on small eyes:

Step 1: Clean the natural eyelashes. Last exchange with the client about the use of eyelash extensions methods.

hybrid lashes on small eyes

Step 2: Determine the characteristics and shape of the lashes. In this step, the technician needs to be meticulous to find the pros and cons of natural eyelashes. Thanks to that, you can make the right choice of eyelash extensions and optimize costs for you and your clients.

hybrid lashes on small eyes

Step 3: Carry out hybrid eyelashes on small eyes

You can increase the classic ratio and decrease the volume ratio with this look. The classic will be the main type of eyelash extension. With small eyes, you should choose eyelashes that are light, durable, and in shortest lengths. Try to avoid using too large curvature or thick diameter because it makes the eyes feel heavy. With lash fans, choose 2D or 3D depending on the situation.

hybrid lashes on small eyes

The best fix for small eyes is to use medium-length and curled lashes or a slightly longer lash style towards the end of the eye. In addition, focusing on creating a natural style using thin eyelashes and uneven length will bring outstanding results! Another advice for you is to prioritize light, smooth, and materials like synthetic mink for the best result.

Step 4: After completing the hybrid eyelashes on small eyes, do not forget to check one last time to make sure there is no excess glue in the eye area and on the eyelashes. Make sure the customer feels comfortable when opening and closing their eyes. And the important thing is to advise customers how to take care of their eyelashes after extension, such as not washing eyelashes with water for 48 hours after treatment, not using oil-based products, limiting sleeping face down on a pillow, etc.

We hope some of the above sharing about hybrid lashes on small eyes can be helpful to you. Follow our blog to read valuable articles! If you need more information or want to discuss any problems about eyelash extensions in general and hybrid lashes on small eyes in particular, do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment below.