How to do hybrid lashes on hooded eyes

Hooded eyes are often confused with mono eyelids. However, these two eye shapes are quite different. Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin that covers the eyelid, making the eyelids appear smaller or drooping. With that in mind, you can use hybrid lashes on hooded eyes because it will help balance the look, and avoid the feeling that the eyes are drooping, increasing the open-eyed look and other effects that only hybrid lashes can do.

What are hybrid lashes?

hybrid lashes on hooded eyes

When it comes to hybrid eyelashes, we are talking about a diverse and creative eyelash extension style since it has combined two types of eyelash extensions; classic and volume. While classic lashes give the lashes a natural look, volume lashes help to enhance the eyes by using lash fans to create softness and eye-catching lashes. This combination supports each type of lashes extension perfectly. Lash artists often choose this type of eyelash extension for unique eye shapes such as mono eyelids, drooping eyelids, so on. Once the eyelash extensions are applied, the eyes will look more comprehensive and will be longer and thicker, eye-catching, and become more vivid and alive.

The typical ratio of classic type and volume one in this style is 50:50. However, this ratio needs to be changed to meet the client's requirements.

What are special figures of hooded eyes?

hybrid lashes on hooded eyes

In your lash business, you’ll often encounter clients with hooded eyes. In fact, many public figures have these kinds of eyes, and makeup is among the optimal ways to cover their flaws and make their eyes shine in their own way. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Michelle Williams. 

For clients with hooded eyes, hybrid and volume lashes are perfect options. But if they are new to eyelash extensions, you can confidently suggest a hybrid to help them change their appearance significantly without wearing too much lashes. 

How to do hybrid lashes on hooded eyes?

hybrid lashes on hooded eyes

You might think this eye shape is peculiar and wonder if it takes a long time to achieve it or if there is any change in the eyelash extension process? The answer is no, but there are some similarities.

First, as usual, you need to check the client's natural eyelashes' condition to ensure they are clean, and prepare the lashes adequately. 

After the prepping phase, you can now move forward to the lashing process. But before that, drawing the right mapping is a must, so you can keep up with the lash style, especially when you are a new lash tech. We recommend you use LLBA lash map stickers for this step.

The commonly used curls for this type of eyelash extension are D, DD, or L, but be flexible, depending on the situation. You also need to have your professional judgment before making a choice. We also often recommend that our technicians use the classic technique first as a base for the lashes and then apply a volume eyelash extension to create accents and fill in the gaps in the lashes.

hybrid lashes on hooded eyes

LLBA Professional pomade fans L curl and M curl

Fourth, after eyelash extensions, teach the client how to take care of them and make a follow-up appointment in a few weeks to have them refilled. Important eyelash care notes include not washing lashes directly with water for 24 hours, not using oil-based products to nourish eyelashes, not rubbing eyes, etc.

You see, the type of hybrid eyelashes on hooded eyes is not that complicated. The point is that you should pay attention to the thickness and curvature of your lashes. In addition, choose eyelashes with light materials, smooth texture like natural eyelashes, and meet client requirements such as faux mink or synthetic eyelashes.

We hope that this article is helpful for you, helping you be more confident in doing hybrid lashes on hooded eyes. Do not forget to follow our blog for more information.