How to create eyelash mapping and practice for beginners

Starting out as a new lash artist means that you need to spend a lot of time practicing eyelash extensions mapping and applying them. You might even be tempted to recreate looks from your favorite celebrities or models. Although there is nothing wrong with experimenting new styles, as a beginner you always want to master the basics first before you move onto more advanced designs.  So let's start off with the basic eyelash extension maps: Cat eyes, and Doll/Open eyes mappings and then we can go over how to best practice their application.

Types of lash maps: open eye, cat eyes

Two of the most popular lash extension styles that exist  are : the open eye and the cat eye. The open eye will give the illusion of having bigger eyes while the cat eye will give the illusion of having wider eyes. 

Open/Doll Eyes

Open/Doll Eyes lash map

Cat Eyes

 Cat eyes lash map

Tips to create the best lash map

There is no secret when it comes to lashing. The best way to improve your skills as an eyelash extension artist is by practicing. In order to get the best lash maps, you can ask your friends and family to practice your eyelash extension mapping and application. Practice on people who have different eye shapes. This will not only allow you to practice isolation and application, but also your skills to choose the right lash mapping to enhance your clients face.

How beginners can practice lap mapping and lash applying

Sponge method 

Did you know that practicing on a makeup sponge could be very useful? You can get it anywhere that sells makeup ! 

A sponge may not open its eyes or have many layers, but practicing on a sponge will help you when it comes to details and muscle memory. You will be able to work on the angle, position, layers and practice your handmade fans. 

Mannequin method

Practicing on a mannequin can be great because you can practice applying the right amount of pressure on your clients forehead, isolation and tweezers pressure as well as application of the eyelash extension set. If you want to practice layers, it is always possible to stick two pairs of lashes together so it makes you practice on two layers. 

Which method is better?

Both techniques are great, but depending on what you want to work on, one might be better than the other one. 

It can be tricky sometimes to practice on a mannequin since the fibers aren’t the same as the natural lashes. Natural lashes also have layers and a different texture than synthetic lashes you’ll practice on. 

If you’re a beginner and haven’t mastered the basics yet, we suggest you continue practicing on a mannequin. If you have some experience already, but would like to practice applying your fans or angles, consider using the makeup sponge.