How to choose the right eyelash extension wholesaler

After finding a number of different eyelash extension wholesalers, it’s time to evaluate them to see which supplier is best for you. There are four things you want to keep in mind when selecting your lash supplier: 

  • How credible and usable their website is 
  • Product availability 
  • Their customer service level 
  • The quality of their product

Check their website

Does their website seem credible? As consumers, we want to make sure to order from professional and real websites. Make sure they include their address, phone number, and email, so that you are able to contact them if there is something wrong with your orders, or if you have questions. 

Is their website user friendly? Whenever we want to purchase products, we want it to be easy, clear and not complicated. You will be using this website a lot, so the easier it is for you to find what you are looking for means less stress and time wasted. A well designed website may also mean that the brand cares about their client’s experiences with the brand. This is often an indicator of the quality of product and service they offer as well.

What payments do they take? Depending on the websites, the most common payments are: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal. It will happen that some websites do not take credit cards or paypal. Make sure they accept the payment.

If you can not pay the whole amount of the order yet, some lash suppliers offer Sezzle, which allows you to pay in 4 separate payments for the whole order. This can be great and allows you to make money to repay your order as well as profit from the products without paying all the money upfront. LLBA Professional is one of a few brands that offers Sezzle, so if you want to pay for your order in installments, you can check out our products! 

Check their website

Do they offer the products you need?

It is one thing for a shop to have in stock everything you need, but are the prices compatible with your budget ? Make yourself a budget. Check how much you are able to invest in lash supply. Of course some lash brands will have more expensive products than the others. 

This is why it is important to decide the price range to see how much you are willing to spend on lash trays, adhesive and accessories. You do not need to buy everything at the same shop, even though it can be convenient, it will happen that you like some products, but also don’t like other products from the same shop. 

Look for a lash supplier that offers high quality products at a reasonable price. 

Do they have good customer service?

Do they have good customer service?

When do you need your material? 

It is recommended to purchase your supplies in advance, so you don’t run out of supplies, but it does happen that sometimes you forget, or are in a unpredictable rush.If you are in a rush because you booked someone, you might need to consider a local shop where you can go pick up your supplies directly in person. Otherwise, a website should include their processing times when it comes to shipping and also delivery times. This will be helpful to you, so you know when to expect your orders.

Is the company able to help you, give you advice and support you? 

A shop offers tons of products. You might have some questions about the products and this is totally normal. We all want a customer service that is able to help us make decisions when descriptions or information are unclear on the website. Their advice will make you choose the right product and offer the best to your clients. Also, knowing that the customer service is present and able to help you is great because if something goes wrong with the order, you might want the lash supplier to help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Do their eyelash extensions and product quality reach your standards? 

As lash artists, we want the best for our clients. We want to offer them high quality work and lashes that won’t lose their curl and offer a great and dense look. 

Most of the time, you won’t know directly if the quality is good or not, until you try them, but it is always possible to get opinions from others.

Take some time to do research. Ask experienced lash artists what they think of the brand, and look at the reviews on their pages. 

Use this checklist to help select the best eyelash extension supplier for you. Eventually, you will have to dive in and start ordering their products. By following this list, you can significantly increase your chances of ordering the perfect eyelash extension, lash glue, or other accessories!