How much do hybrid lashes cost?

When it comes to eyelash extensions, the service price is one of the most crucial things that clients consider. So if you are a new lash tech, the question to answer at the beginning of your service planning is how much you should charge for a set of hybrid lashes?

How to determine the cost of eyelash extensions services?

There are many factors to consider when deciding the price of a hybrid lash set. Let’s go through each of them. 

The first is the investments you used to create the current service. It can be the cost of learning, the cost of experience, practice, the time that you spent learning eyelash extensions, etc. You would, of course, add up all of the fees above and then include them in the product's price by an appropriate percentage.

hybrid lashes cost

The second is the operational cost of your business. It is the cost that you need to invest to maintain daily activities such as rental costs, equipment investment costs, etc. This cost is quite flexible and often not fixed. Newbies often choose to cut this cost to optimize prices and compete better.

The third is the value of the product you bring to the client, which is also important for the hybrid eyelash cost. A beautiful set of eyelashes, suitable for the client's eyes, making them more confident and beautiful, will gain high value and be preferable.

Fourth is the way your competitors are pricing the same service. We often advise our customers to try out the competitors' products, observe and understand their pricing, quality, and operating principles. You can find out the price of hybrid eyelashes on the market or the price of a classic set of eyelashes for reference.

Finally, it would be best if you didn't choose the lowest price in your area because you're a newbie. That will only help you in the beginning to get the client's attention, but later on, it will lead you to more complicated things. Instead, try to create a beneficial pricing policy; you can give extra gifts to clients instead of discounts or free service if they introduce you to their friends, etc. Let clients be attracted by your service and pricing policy while you still get a decent profit.

How much should you charge for hybrid eyelash extensions? 

hybrid lashes

There are many factors in determining the price of hybrid lash extensions and eyelash extensions in general. Therefore, the fee will fluctuate according to the current market.

Accordingly, the average cost of hybrid eyelash extensions will range from USD183 to USD192. This disparity is in skills, business areas, products used to create hybrid eyelash sets, etc. However, this is only a figure reflecting the market through a single product line you want to target. You also need to adjust the number to suit yourself and bring the best value to the client. In addition, you can align the hybrid lashes price to the price of classic and volume extensions.

It is better to be aware of the gross estimate of the fees, but it could also vary depending on your location and area. 

Here are some quick tips for beginners to decide the rates of hybrid lash extensions price:

First, because hybrid eyelash is a mixed type of eyelash extension, a skilled lash artist needs to take advantage of the opportunity to practice. You can give your clients a few free eyelash extensions, which is also an excellent opportunity to help you practice more. They are also an enormously influential communication channel for your business  when you do well.

Next, once you feel confident in your artistry, you can set a hybrid eyelash extension price with a return on other materials and operating costs.

After a short while, once you've captured the attention of your clients and received positive feedback to continue expanding, set up a profitable price. However, to avoid making clients uncomfortable, you can use combos, gifts, or other promotions like "buy one get one free," etc.

hybrid lashes extensions

A small tip is when you want to increase the hybrid eyelashes cost, choose products with suitable materials from reputable brands because it makes clients feel secure and satisfied with the price you offer.

For those of you who are professional lash artists, the price story won't be a big of an issue. We think you only need to pay attention to it enough to retain clients and give them benefits through combos. That way, you can still compete and keep a good profit for your business.

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you have more meaningful information to set up hybrid lashes prices. If there are any questions, please contact us or comment below! And don't forget to follow our blog for more helpful information.