How long do hybrid lashes last?

Have you ever heard of ‘’hybrid lashes’’? If you are a lash artist, you probably have, but you might not be sure how to achieve this look, and this is completely normal if you haven’t done the volume training as of yet!

What are hybrid lashes? 

hybrid lashes how long do they last

Hybrid lash is a service done by a professional lash technician. It consists of a set of mixed lashes, more specifically, a mix of classic and volume lashes. The result is a look that is a bit heavier than classic but still looks fairly natural. They also won’t be as bold as a volume set. 

This set is usually chosen when clients want something more than a regular classic set, but less than a volume set. It is a perfect mix of the two types of lash sets. 

Half of the set is classic lashes, while the other half is volume fans, usually 3 to 4D. The most popular lashes for this set would be to use classic lashes that have a diameter around 0.15 mm and volume fans of 0.07 mm diameter to 0.10 mm diameter. 

For people who aren’t comfortable making their own volume fans yet, do not worry! You can still offer hybrid lashes by using Promade fans in 3 to 4D. At LLBA’s Professional, those fans are available in 0.10 and in 0.07 as well. If you aren’t sure what kind of clients you have yet, 0.07 diameters can be a better option to carry on hand since 0.10 should only be used on thick natural lashes to make sure that the natural lash remains healthy. 

For people who are comfortable making their own fans, we recommend trying SuperMink lash trays. They are soft, dark and they fan like butter! Those lashes are great for hand-making volume fans which are fluffy and light!

We usually recommend lash artists to choose the appropriate mapping first, lay half of the natural lashes with classic lash extensions, and then fill the rest with volume lashes. 

Nowadays, there is an emerging trend of lashes on the market. They are called ‘’YY lashes’’ and they are used to achieve hybrid lash sets. These lashes are made in the shape of a “ Y” which usually are 2D lashes. They have a much more textured look and can be easily mixed with individual lashes.  LLBA Professional carries curls C, CC, and D which is great because it gives you more options to choose from and more options for your clients as well. 

How long do hybrid lashes last? 

how long do hybrid lashes last

When the lashes are applied properly, they can last quite a while, more specifically around  4 to 8 weeks with the right products. Usually, clients will come back to you in 2 to 3 weeks to get their refill done, once they start noticing some fallout. Which is a completely normal thing in the growth cycle of the natural lash.  

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Tips for long-lasting hybrid lash sets

how long do hybrid lashes take

Here are some tips to make sure you do the best, as a lash artist to provide the best services:

  • Make sure to use a fresh drop of glue by changing it often. Usually, a glue drop remains fresh if you change it every 20 minutes. You can tell that a drop needs to be changed once it starts to get “stringy” 
  • Make sure to use the right glue depending on your environment. In winter, use a faster drying glue such as Speedy, and in summer, use a slower drying glue such as La Magnétique. They will dry in the right conditions. Keep a hygrometer close by to be able to monitor your temperature and humidity. 
  • Make sure to prepare the lashes correctly before starting your set. At LLBA, we recommend washing the client’s lashes and to rinse with saline solution before starting a set or an infill. Layout all lashes and application tools beforehand so you aren’t rummaging through your inventory during the set and losing precious time

In order to get the best retention, we want to also make sure to educate our clients on the after-care process. Some lash artists put together a small kit with a brush, lash bath, and a card with the aftercare instructions, while others will just give their clients a card with aftercare instructions. 

Here are the basic recommendations: 

  • Do not use any products with oils. The oil can break the bond. Read the labels on your products closely to see if any of them contain any oil-based ingredients 
  • Do not sleep directly on your face as the friction can cause them to prematurely fall out
  • Do not rub the eyes or pick at the lashes
  • Wash lashes daily with a lash bath to avoid any eye infections.

So how long do hybrid sets last? If you follow all of these tips, you’ll make sure to get the best retention for hybrid lashes and clients will come back for a refill a few weeks later with a good amount of lashes on!