How Do Camellia Eyelashes Help You Earn More?

Camellia eyelash extensions are always on the list of favourable choices for clients looking for a natural, voluminous, and textured look. 

A more natural version of volume lashes, camellia lash extensions, has been in vogue for a while. They’re the perfect lashes to suggest to clients who want the full lash effect of volume lashes with a natural look. 

Let’s take a closer look at why camellia lashes are so popular and how they can help boost your business! 

The Hype Of Camellia Eyelashes

Camellia eyelashes are often confused with volume lashes, but there is a difference. Unlike volume lashes that have a uniform size, camellia lashes are a mixture of different lash lengths. This variation in lash length mimics natural eyelashes.

Our natural lashes are in a natural cycle of growing, shedding, and regrowing; all eyelashes have different lengths at any time; and this is what gives them a feathery, natural look.

While volume lashes are undeniably gorgeous, many consider them to have a very unnatural look. The solution? Camellia eyelash extensions. 

With these extensions, you can create a thick feathery lash look that is dynamic, voluminous, and natural. 

The Hype Of Camellia Eyelashes

Camellia volume lashes have individual lashes of different lengths (typically three but also come in five lengths) that are glued together to form a fan. The uneven lengths of the lashes give them a wispy and textured natural look. 

So, even though camellia lashes offer a natural look, there is no compromise on the drama these lashes promise. These lash extensions create a gorgeous feathered look without looking artificial. 

How Do Camellia Eyelashes Help You Earn More?

Camellia eyelashes have become a quick favourite, so more and more clients are opting to get these lashes. Here’s how you can use this popular trend to earn more. 

Create The Feathery Textured Look With Ease 

The different lengths used in camellia lashes offer a feathery textured finish that is more dimensional than any other type of lash extension. With camellia lash extensions, you can add length, volume, and fullness based on your client’s preference and unique lash line.

Generally, getting a textured and natural lash look is not easy, and only highly skilled technicians with the expertise, experience, and tools can get it right. However, with camellia lashes, even the most novice lash technicians can perfect this look. 

These lightweight lashes bind easily and quickly, so you are done with your work in the blink of an eye, reducing the time for you and your client. 

Catch Up With The Natural Everyday Look’s High Demand

Camellia lashes were popularized primarily by their natural look, mimicking the circle of the natural lashes. If your client is looking for that feathery look, they should get camellia eyelash extensions.

Catch Up With The Natural Everyday Look’s High Demand

Creating texture is so much easier with camellia. These lashes allow you to have a dimensional and voluminous look for a natural-looking effect that most clients desire. You can find many camellia lashes reviews affirming how these extensions give fluffiness to their lashes.

Easy To Raise Your Service Fee 

Camellia lashes are bold and sexy and are all the hype right now. The leading lash trend does not seem to have any intentions of dying out soon. And with something as trendy as camellia lashes, there is expected to be a high demand for these extensions, with clients even ready to pay the high costs. 

Camellia volume lashes are considered among the most difficult extensions. So, offering them as one of your services conveys a sense of security to your clients that their eyelashes are in the best hands. It will boost positive reviews and satisfaction and lead to lifelong clients. 

LLBA Camellia Promade Fans

LLBA Camellia Promade Fans

LLBA is renowned in the industry for consistently providing high-quality products. And the LLBA Camellia Eyelashes are no different! 

These fans are available in diameters 5D to 9D and three types of curls — C, CC, and D. They will give your client a natural, dimensional, and voluminous look, and you can choose the type of curl best suited for them. 

Each fan has lashes of three different lengths, perfectly mimicking the eyelashes' natural growth cycle. The pomade fans will save time and provide professional results without compromising quality!