Flat lashes vs classic: what are the differences?

What are flat lashes vs classic? 

Have you ever heard of flat lashes? They are also called ‘’ellipse lashes’’. You have probably heard about them on social media, lash suppliers’ websites, or even in your lash course! They have been very popular as of recently. They are used in order to achieve a classic eyelash extension look. But what are the differences between flat lashes and the traditional classic eyelashes? In this article, we will go in-depth about the differences between classic lashes and flat lashes.

flat lashes vs classic

Flat lashes are flat at the base and taper off at the end to give a wider look. They look absolutely stunning in classic sets thanks to their rich black matte finish. They give more volume than the traditional classic eyelashes since their base is wider and larger than the traditional ones. 

They are great for people who wish for a dramatic look but don’t want to add the extra volume. 

Traditional classic eyelashes have a round base, which gives a natural look to clients who wish to keep it natural. It will kind of give a mascara look. 

When it comes to the classic technique, it is important to be careful with the diameters chosen in order to achieve the set. If the client has weaker or thinner lashes, it is important to use smaller diameters. If the client has strong and thick natural lashes, it is possible to use thick classic eyelashes. 

But… what do you do when the client has thin lashes, wants a classic look, but traditional classic eyelashes aren’t enough to fulfill their wishes? Try out flat lashes! 

Flat lashes allow you to use smaller diameters but will still help you achieve a bold and full look on your clients. That means a flat lash of 0.15 mm diameter will not give you the same look like a traditional 0.15 mm diameter traditional eyelash extension. It will actually look like you have used 0.18 mm diameter!

Isn’t that amazing? Flat lashes allow you to use eyelashes without adding more weight and give you a bolder result which will help those clients with thin or sparse lashes. 

Flat lashes can also give better retention than a regular classic set. As you probably know as a lash artist, the base is one of the things that can cause retention issues when getting eyelash extensions. If the base is properly attached to the natural lash, it will give you better retention. Flat lashes have wider bases, which allows the natural lash and the lash extension to bond better together. 

But... does all of this mean that flat lashes are better than traditional classic extensions? No! It will most likely depend on what you want to achieve, what your client’s wishes are, and your client’s natural lashes. Essentially, the question of when to use flat lashes can best be answered by pointing to the benefits they offer. Each client has their own look and preferences. So just like any type of lash extension, the best time to use flat lashes comes down to the client’s preference, natural state of their eyelashes, and facial shape.

If your client wants a traditional classic eyelash extension look and isn’t wishing for a bold look, the traditional eyelashes will do the job. They’ll be good enough to give your clients the look they are looking for. By making sure the base is properly well attached, you’ll also be able to give amazing retention! 

Also, flat lashes most likely also have fewer varieties than SuperMink lashes, and not all suppliers offer that kind of eyelashes. Make sure to do some research to find what you’ll like to achieve. 

Where to find classic and flat lashes? 

difference between flat lashes

At LLBA Professional, they offer both choices. Flat lashes are available in mix and single trays, in diameters of 0.12 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, and 0.20 mm and C, CC, D curls. 

SuperMink is the traditional classic lashes, available in mix and single trays as well, in diameters of 0.10 mm, 0.12 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, and 0.20 mm, in C, CC, D, and L Curls. 


Whether your client chooses to go with a traditional classic look or wants to keep it somewhat natural with a little bit of thickness, following these tips will help ensure you are giving the client the best possible lash set with their lash health in mind.

Also, now with the new flat lashes, we are able to cater to more clients who have different types of natural lashes as opposed to only having one option available to them. With such a huge variety of flat lashes and classic lashes to choose from, you are bound to find the ones that are perfect for you and for your clients. If you haven’t tried flat lashes yet, what are you waiting for?