Flat lashes vs classic: a brief comparison

For experienced lash artists, flat eyelashes are no longer something new. This extension gives the perfect retention for enhancing the beautiful lash lines with excellent bonding and it’s lightweight. Have you ever compared the difference between flat lashes and classic ones? If not, you can follow us for today's article to dig deeper into this topic.

What is the difference between flat lashes and classic?

It is easy to see the difference between these two types of eyelashes as they are a fair bit different. 

Flat lashes give a thicker look. While flat lashes have a flat, rhombus-shaped base, classic lashes have a rounded shape from root to tip.

This causes another difference between flat lashes and classic lashes, which is  the contact area of each type of lashes with natural lashes. Flat eyelashes have a flat base, so the contact area is higher, which helps to make it easier to stick to the eyelashes in the inner corner of the eye and keep the shape better. In contrast, classic eyelashes have a circular cross-section, so the ability to stick to natural eyelashes is not as high as flat eyelashes. 

difference between flat lashes and classic

Flat lashes are much lighter in weight than classic ones and provide better width. Many technicians may be surprised to know that a flat lash is twice the width but only 60% of the weight of a classic lash. This characteristic helps flat lashes keep the function of enhanced lash thickness without worrying about weight.

Because of the ability to optimize weight as above, flat eyelashes will not put much pressure on natural eyelashes. In addition, currently on the market, you can find flat lash products with various lengths (8 - 15 mm) as well as single lengths. Other important specifications are diverse diameters such as 0.12; 0.15; 0.18, and 0.20 mm, and the most commonly found curls such as C, CC, and D curls. This variety makes flat lashes suitable for most eyelash extensions styles. If you wonder about a brand that offers high-quality flat lashes, check out our website. We offer a full range of flat lashes with precise specifications, all of which can be easily found in the Flat Lashes collection. 

Another difference that few people realize is that the flat design is lightweight, allowing lash artists to use less glue than classic lashes. Therefore, after the extension, the set of eyelashes is light, comfortable, and minimizes excess adhesive.

When to use flat lashes vs classic

flat lashes vs classic

Although it has been mentioned that flat lashes have a lot of advantages, they won't be suitable for every case, especially for a full set. They will create a shiny, unnatural look due to the material. Therefore, they're used to mix with different curls of classic lashes to create a perfect set of eyelash extensions.

First, flat lashes are recommended for clients with thin, sparse lashes to limit damage to their natural lashes because flat lashes are very light in weight.

In addition, flat lashes are a wonderful choice in cases where the natural lashes at the corner of the eye are too thin or weak, and where it is difficult to place classic lashes! It will help you complete a dramatic effect for the client.

When it comes to classic eyelash extensions, you are simply using a product that simulates natural lashes, it can be applied to most eyelash extensions, especially for clients who like a natural, gentle and delicate look. Classic lashes mainly help to improve uneven eyelashes, short eyelashes, sparse eyelashes, etc. However, one point you should note is that classic lashes also require strong natural lashes to be able to give a bold look without damaging the natural eyelashes.

In terms of materials, experts recommend choosing soft, smooth, and lightweight natural lashes for both types of lashes. With that in mind, our lashes are made of the highest quality. They not only have the same texture as natural eyelashes but they also have high durability and are budget-friendly. 

Above are the basics of the difference between flat lashes vs classic. We hope the article will help you have a deeper understanding and have the right tools to use these two types of eyelashes. Also, to achieve the best results in case the client has too thin and weak lashes, consider using flat lashes because they are lighter than classic lashes.

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