Eye shapes and lash styles for the C and CC Curl

C curl lashes and CC curl lashes are two of the most popular types of extension curls. As lash artists, it’s important that we know how to distinguish them from the rest!

Eyelash extensions are available in many curls. Sometimes, choosing the right curl can be a difficult task. However, you can make that decision based on your knowledge and on their preferences.

C curl eyelash extensions and CC curl eyelash extensions are two of the most popular extension curls. They are adored by clients, as they are fantastic options for those who want a bit more drama for their improved look without being too drastic. 

Both the C curl lash extensions and the CC curl lash extensions are fabulous enough in themselves, but what makes their respective fabulousness distinctive? To understand what the C curl lashes and CC curl lashes are really all about, we must find the main differences between the two.

Sometimes, we think they are very similar curls, but they achieve different looks. It’s why it’s crucial to raise the question, and in this particular case, that regards the differences between the C and the CC curl.

The difference between C and CC Curl

Between the two curl types, C curl is mostly used to achieve a more natural look. CC curl can give a more dramatic look since it is a bit curlier. 

C curl lashes are a type of uplifted curl that provides the drama without being dramatic. If you are looking for an open eye effect and have natural lashes with a slight curl, C curl lashes are awesome. This is why the C curl is one of the classic curls, because of it natural effect. The CC curl on the other is reserved for those who are looking for a more dramatic presentation. 

The CC curl is a step between the overall maturity of the C curl and the dramatic, rebellious D curl; the CC curl is great if what you’re looking for is something a lot like the C curl and yet still curlier! Lash techs find that the CC curl is the best choice to accent those with straight lashes, as they help add volume and an extra lift effect.

If you have slightly curled natural lashes, CC curl eyelash extensions can also be great. Additionally, this type of curl can help create a lash-lift effect for those with slightly downward angled natural lashes, or for straight natural lashes, an open-eye effect.

Lash sets for C Curl and CC Curl

Those lash sets that employ the usage of the C curl and CC curl will differ, since every different lash situation requires a different extension, and consequently extension curls. You will have to consider the clients natural lashes in order to make the right decision.

Both of these extension curls can be used for classic sets, volume sets and hybrid sets. Explain the differences between the sets to your clients. This will allow them to choose what kind of look they want to wear. As lash artists, you will have to take note not only of client requests but also use your own expertise to discern the best, most efficient way to proceed, to create a final product that really satisfies. 

The C curl and CC curl tend to go best in a classic set for clients who want their look more reserved and controlled, while in a volume set the curls can give them a fuller look. 

A hybrid set is something you can choose in between the aforementioned sets, and in this set both clients and the professionals can communicate every step of the way when it comes to the extension types and curls for a successful application.

Choosing curls based on eye shapes and natural lashes

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to choosing the right curls based on eye shape and natural lashes. We will give you a few examples to act as a general guide.

Almond eyes are generally considered a universal eye shape, so you can pretty much apply any curl as long as the natural lashes are suitable for it. For downturned eyes, CC curl lashes are great, or you can use them in a hybrid set with D curl lashes for a lot of lifts. 

For hooded eyes, a C curl that makes the eyes pop without being overly dramatic. If you’re all about drama and have prominent or close-set eyes, consider the D curl.

The natural lashes have to be taken into serious consideration as well. If the client has straight or downward angled lashes, it’s preferable to opt for more dramatic curls. If what they have are upward angled natural lashes, a more conservative choice might be recommended. 

All and all, there’s not only one way to choose curls—but you can have a broad idea of how to make the decision! If the curl complements the client’s eyes and fits their natural lashes well, it’s good to go. 

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