Everything You Need To Know About The Lash Lift Process

Curling eyelashes and applying mascara on a daily basis can be tedious. It is time-consuming and bothersome, and you are never guaranteed to get those flawlessly natural and elongated lashes each time. More often than not, you end up with clumps.

That’s where lash lifts come in.

Lash lift procedures offer a natural, easy, and convenient solution to the daily hassle of applying mascara while ensuring that no-makeup-makeup look. They help clients achieve curler, fuller, darker lashes that can save so much time and effort typically spent on getting the perfect curl and mascara application. 

As lash lifts become increasingly popular, more and more people are getting curious about this semi-permanent procedure, wanting to know what the lash lift steps are. 

This guide covers all the essential information you should know about the process of lash lifting.

What Happens During The Lash Lift Process

What Happens During The Lash Lift Process

A lash lift procedure takes about 30-45 minutes. It begins with a consultation with an aesthetician who will find out what type of curl and lash lift the client desires. They will then select the appropriately sized curling rod to shape the lashes. Here’s how the lash lift process typically occurs:

  1. The first step involves thoroughly cleaning the eye area and then placing a silicone rod on the eyelids. 
  2. An adhesive is then applied to the lashes to set them over the rod. Each lash is properly separated and laid over the rod to resemble its natural curl. 
  3. Once the lashes are properly positioned according to their natural shape, a lifting lotion or perming solution is used to soften the lashes and mold them into the shape of the curling rod. 
  4. Finally, a setting solution is applied to the lashes to ensure that they retain the shape and that the lashes are set in place.
  5. It’s optional to add tint color (normally black or blue-black color) to achieve a darker mascara-look for eyelashes. 
  6. Apply nourishing lash lotion to protect and nurture eyelashes after lift procedure.

Once the lashes are wiped and cleaned, clients are informed to keep the eyes and lashes completely dry for the first 24 hours. They are also advised to avoid heat or steam for up to 48 hours after the procedure.

The effects of a lash lift naturally fade depending on the client’s hair growth rate. The average time a lash lift lasts, with proper aftercare, is around 6 to 8 weeks, but it may go up to 10 weeks in some cases.

How To Perform The Lash Lift With The LLBA Kit

How To Perform The Lash Lift With The LLBA Kit

Using the LLBA Lash Lift Pro kit is fairly simple and straightforward. 

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1

Use the LLBA cleanser and a cotton wipe to thoroughly clean the area around the eyes to prep for the lash lift. This will get rid of any makeup residue, skin oils, and dust.

Step 2 

Use a clean spoolie to prep the lashes and ensure that there is no dirt on them as well.

Step 3 

Apply under-eye pads to protect the area and use tape to lift the eyelid for a smoother surface to work with.

Step 4 

Apply the lifting glue under the silicone eye pad so it can be placed on the eyelid and firmly attach it in place. You can also use tape for added firmness.

Step 5 

Apply the lifting glue to the top of the silicone pad, and use a Y brush to stabilize the lashes and ensure that they adhere to the silicone pad properly.

Step 6 

Apply the LLBA perm lotion to the lashes, and let it sit for 5 to 8 minutes.

Step 7 

Use a Q-tip to thoroughly clean the perm solution off the lashes.

Step 8 

Apply the LLBA fixation lotion to the lashes, and let it sit for 5 to 8 minutes.

Step 9 

Use a Q-tip to clean the fixation solution from the lashes, then remove the silicone eye pad from the eyelid with the help of the cleanser.

Step 10 

Apply the LLBA nourishing lotion to the eyelashes, then remove the under-eye pads.

And that’s it! In 10 easy steps, you can help your client achieve the beautifully curled lashes of their dreams.

The LLBA lash kit has everything you need for the perfect lash lift. It’s also free from sodium bromate, which can damage the brows and lashes, thereby ensuring maximum safety and comfort.

We Added Collagen To The Process: Why This Matters

We Added Collagen To The Process Why This Matters

The LLBA lash and brow kit has everything needed to create beautiful, long lashes and well-shaped, defined brows. This kit also has the added goodness of collagen, which offers additional lash benefits.

Let’s look at all the ways in which collagen can make eyelashes and eyebrows stronger and healthier.

Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is a natural protein that promotes strong, healthy hair. And while the human body naturally produces collagen, there are also collagen supplements that can help boost its efficiency. Apart from consuming collagen, topical products infused with collagen may also offer similar results. 

Here’s how collagen can help improve the quality of your lashes and brows.

Rich Source Of Amino Acids

The body uses amino acids to build keratin, a protein that our hair is made up of. Collagen is extremely rich in amino acids and consuming it or using it in products can help improve hair growth as it provides the body with an essential component required to grow hair.

Fights Damage To Hair Follicles

Free radicals are harmful compounds that are developed due to various factors like exposure to air pollution, stress, alcohol, bad diet, or smoking. They can damage the proteins in the body and harm the hair.

Collagen is a rich antioxidant that reduces the damage caused to hair follicles by these free radicals. It thus strengthens the hair and promotes healthy hair growth and can also reduce hair thinning.

While adding collagen to the diet is great for overall health, using collagen in the LLBA lash and brow kit is a great way to directly add it to the lashes and brows. This can help strengthen and lengthen the hair, thus enhancing the effects of the LLBA kit.