Everything you need to know about the lash extension tray

Every lash artist is interested in eyelash extension trays, which are a must-have item in their kit for eyelash extensions. You might think you can buy them from any store or brand you know about and need. If that’s the case, then stop and read this article! There will be something about eyelash extensions trays that will surprise you. Here is everything you need to know about it.

The brief history of the lash extension tray

lash extension tray

It is difficult to say when exactly the first eyelash tray appeared in the world. However, in 1999, the first eyelash extension products appeared in Australia and came in as many sizes and curls packed all in the same box. Therefore, the technician would have to carefully separate each lash from the box then place it on silicone or cotton pads. It takes a large amount of time to practice and does not guarantee the quality of the finished eyelashes, especially for those who are new to eyelash extensions.

Nowadays, eyelash extension trays are neatly arranged and classified according to each curl and size for the above reasons. What an essential invention for any lash artist! With that, eyelash trays mixed different lashes to save costs for both the lash artist and the client. The standout thing is that despite having a mixed tray, the lashes are still reasonably arranged, and the product information is clear.

The appearance of eyelash trays proves the development of eyelash extension art. The optimization of the eyelash trays has been preferable among professional technicians.

Why are lash extensions made in a tray?

lash tray

There are many answers to lots of questions. We have filtered out the best ones for you in choosing an eyelash extension tray.

The first is "easy to organize": Today, eyelash trays often arrange lashes according to different curls and sizes, and they also provide clear specifications for technicians. So you won't have to worry about confusing lashes anymore.

Optimizing flashing time: You can imagine that the lashes in the same tray will be aligned side by side, vertical, and at the correct angle. You only need to use tweezers to pick up and start lashing. It saves you ½ time compared to the lashes in the box.

Besides, because they are well organized, you just read the lengths or curl and use them without spending time preparing.

Budget-friendly: A tray can contain 12 to 16 lines of eyelashes. Usually, we would use one line per client. The real amount will depend on the thickness of the lash extension and the type. Lash trays are one of the best packaging for the eyelash artist to be efficient and to work faster. The price is also budget-friendly since there are a lot of lashes in a tray.  

Types of eyelash extensions in trays

Let's take a look at common eyelash trays. And of course, you can find them all on our website at a huge discount!

Classic lashes: This is a product line for clients who prefer a natural appearance. There are a variety of lash trays with different curls, such as C, CC, D, L, M curls. Besides, 16 lines of lashes on the same tray will help you save the maximum. You will also have two options for single lengths 8mm to 17mm and mix lengths 7mm-15mm. The diameters for classic and hybrid styles include 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0 .15mm, 0.18mm, and 0.20mm. A standout characteristic of the eyelash product on our website is that it is made of high-quality FBT material that is lightweight, super-smooth, soft with a matte finish like natural lashes. The price per tray usually ranges from USD 14.88 to USD 17.05. You can enjoy discounts from 10 to 20%. Our Velvet Super Mink Lashes have received good feedback from many customers.

Classic lashes

Flat lashes: This lash line is often used for first-time clients who don't want to try out too much but still want a fuller and fluffy look. Therefore, flat lashes are flattened at the base and then taper off at the tip of lashes and are super light. In addition to providing a full range of C, CC, D, L curl, at LLBA, we also offer single eyelash trays and mix trays with lengths of 8mm - 17mm that are extremely budget-friendly and convenient for you. Another plus that you should not ignore is the 2mm adhesive strip for easy manipulation.

Flat lashes

Promade fans: Perhaps this is the most sought-after product line because it is essential for eyelash extensions, especially impressive styles. However, it gives you the most because it allows you to save ½ of the time than creating your fans directly. The PBT and silk synthetic fibers are extremely user-friendly, lightweight, super-soft, and look like natural lashes. Our promade fans have a full range of popular lashes from low to high density for hybrid, volume, mega volume, etc. Each box has many lashes from 450 - 600 fans, lengths from 8 - 16 mm to help you save cost as much as possible.

Promade fans

Colorful lashes: A colorful collection for clients who love outstanding beauty. You will find lavender purple, rose red, ocean blue, sweet pink, and more in this collection, all with a modern, youthful, and trendy look. Each box has 480 -530 lashes with full curls such as C, CC, D curls. Another plus is the extremely stylish box design, helping you become very professional in your clients' eyes.

Colorful lashes

Wispy & Camellia: These are two sets of products for skilled lash artists because Wispy & Camellia styles require high lashing techniques and creativity. Camellia style requires you to mimic the growth cycle of natural eyelashes, so these lash fans need three lashes of different lengths. With this style, we provide you with eyelash trays with a quantity of 480 - 520 lashes. The silk material is extremely soft, smooth, light, and full of suitable curls. For Wispy, the biggest advantage of these eyelash trays is that it saves you more than ½ time compared to making your own fan. Besides the smooth and luxurious silk material, the product also has a variety of lengths from 8mm - 14mm and C, CC, D curl to meet all the strict requirements of a Wispy fan.

wispy & camellia

All our eyelash products are made from high-quality materials such as mink lashes, faux mink lashes, silk lashes, etc. All ensure the necessary softness and smoothness.

In addition, most of our eyelash extensions products have been carefully tested and are user-friendly. The thin 2mm glue makes it easy to peel the lashes from the strip and attach them to the natural lashes. Moreover, you will also receive promotions, discounts, etc., to optimize your income.

Types of eyelash extension tray

eyelash extension tray

There are four basic types of eyelash extension trays below:

Single size: This is the most basic eyelash tray commonly found in most brands. This lash tray consists of lashes of the same size as length, curl, diameter or thickness. Usually, you will use this type of tray for classic, volume lashes.

Mixed tray: Unlike single size, this lash tray combines many lengths in the same tray, sometimes with the same curl, such as Wispy & Camellia lash trays. This product is top-rated because it saves cost and is often used for eyelash extensions that combine eyelashes such as Hybrid, Cat eyes, Doll eyes, etc.

Mini tray: This type of lashes tray has fewer lashes than regular eyelash trays with about 133 lashes or fans. They are very suitable for those kinds of eyelashes that are not popular. Just stock them to make your service more diverse.

XL and Double XL trays: These are "giant" eyelash trays. They will have quantities from 1,200 lashes to 1,000 fans, almost twice as much as regular eyelash trays, saving you time and money. In addition, they also have a variety of curls. All have helped this product line be trendy among eyelash extensions stores.

Material types of lash extension tray

Material types of lash extension tray

Let's look at the lash materials commonly used in eyelash trays.

Synthetic Mink lashes: This is the eyelash inspired by real mink fur. Nowadays, it is a trending product in the lash community, thanks to its high quality and 100% vegan. Faux mink lashes also come in trays for easy use. They have the advantage of matte-black colors like natural lashes and a smooth texture.

Silk lashes: With a thin and soft texture, this type of eyelashes is suitable for clients with sparse, weak eyelashes, sensitive eyes, or those who want to try eyelash extensions but still want to keep the natural, gentle style. Similar to other eyelashes, the silk eyelash tray will have all the required specifications. However, the price of this tray will be higher than other common lashes.

Above are all the facts about the eyelash extensions trays: a "must-have" product in every lash artist's bag. We hope that you can find some useful information in this article. Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions. And please don't forget to follow our next post!