Everything You Need To Know About Light Volume Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions offer a lot of flexibility in terms of the look your client wants to achieve. Depending on their preference, you can opt for classic, volume, or hybrid lashes and create a unique look for your clients.

One of the more natural options is the light volume eyelash extensions, which help give a subtle lift to the lashes without looking too artificial. 

Light volume lashes offer a more natural and voluminous look and are thus a preferred choice . Learn all about these extensions and how you can perfect this look on your client. 

What Are Light Volume Lash Extensions?

Light volume lash extensions are softer, lighter, and more natural looking than volume lash extensions. 

Let’s break it down further. 

There are three main types of lash extensions: classic, hybrid, and volume. 

With classic extensions, you apply the lashes in a 1:1 ratio — which means one hair extension per natural hair. Volume lash extensions use two to eight hair extensions for a single natural eyelash. And hybrid extensions are a combination of both classic lashes and volume lashes. It's the perfect choice for those who want a lash look that’s fuller than classic but not as dramatic as volume lashes.

What Are Light Volume Lash Extensions?

Now, volume lashes can be further divided into Russian volume, which uses 2D to 8D fans of different lengths and curls, creating a fuller look. And Mega Volume lashes create an elaborate and sultry look, using 10D to 20D lashes.

Soft or light volume lashes are just as the name sounds — volume lash extensions that are softer and lighter. 

These lash extensions are superlight (start from 0.03 mm) and made from the same fiber as classic lashes, just thinner. As they are thin, more lashes can be applied without overburdening the natural lash. 

How To Make Light Volume Lashes

You need to consider various factors when making light volume lashes, but the most important is the look your client is going for and what will suit their eyes best. 

Take a look at some common techniques used to make light-volume eyelash extensions.

How To Make Light Volume Lashes

1. Lonely Fan Method

It is the easiest method and is mostly used by beginners. The method produces a flatter base, so the fan can be applied to the top or bottom of the natural lash.

  • Pull the number of lashes you want in your fan and place them separately on the strip away from other lashes.
  • With the tip of your tweezers, press on the bottom of the lashes so they roll outwards, making a fan. 
  • Once you have made the desired fan with an equal distance between the lashes, dip the fan in the glue and apply it to the natural lash.

2. Rolling Technique 

Also called the rainbow method, this advanced technique requires some practice. It is similar to the lonely fan method, but the lashes are rolled on the spot instead of moving away from the lot. 

  • Partially separate the number of lashes you want for your fan (do not pick up like in the lonely fan method).
  • Roll the lashes with the tip of the tweezers to make a symmetrical fan.
  • Pick up the fan from the strip and dip it in the glue.

3. Pinching Technique

This is one of the more complex techniques and has thus fallen out of use. However, it gives the most satisfying results. 

  • Take the desired number of lashes off the strip and place it between your thumb and index finger.
  • Relax the hold of the tweezer and pinch the base together with your thumb and finger (do not roll, pinch it).
  • If you want a more open fan, adjust the lashes with your tweezers,  while pinching at the base. 
  • When you have perfected the fan, pick it up with the tweezer and dip it in the glue. 

LLBA Promade Fans

Making volume fans can be a tiring and long process. It also takes time to master making the perfect fan and apply it to your client’s lashes just the way they want it. 

LLBA Promade Fans

But you can make your job easier by opting for promade fans by LLBA while still practicing your art. 

These LLBA Promade fans are made of the best quality material and are perfectly fluffy, soft, and lightweight. You can use them for volume, hybrid, dramatic volume, and mega volume styles, giving you plenty of room to get creative without hassle.

Available in clusters of 3D to 16D and curl type C, CC, D, L, and M, the promade fans are perfect for clients who want a quick but effective “light volume lashes” effect!