Everything you need to know about L curl eyelash extension

When it comes to curls for impressive lash lines, we recommend you to explore L curl. Despite being less common, L curl eyelashes are still something lash artists should not ignore to create flawless eyelash sets. L curl lashes are also perfect for clients who like to steal the spotlight with an impressive and different appearance. Let's follow this article to get more information about it.

What are L Curl eyelash extensions?

l curl eyelash extensions

Many comments say that the L curl has the same flat base as the C and D curl but the tip of the lash is curvier than the others, thereby creating the difference in this set of lashes. The extensions help make an extreme cat eye effect for the lashes, creating a more prominent look. Typically, L curl lashes will be applied to clients who like to have attention at parties or want to experience a new look. 

If your client is looking for wider eyes and wants an extreme cat eye L curl is the curl you should go for. Not a lot of lash artists are familiar with this curl, so it is an opportunity for you to offer a unique look ! The next section will help you apply L curl lashes correctly.

When to use L Curl eyelash extensions?

The thing about the L curl is that this is a noticeable curl, so its subject for application also needs its own notes:

The first is clients with deep or droopy eyes. These eyes always need a large opening to help them get out of the "sleepy" look, especially if your clients are mature women. They often need much-curled lashes to create a feeling that is still very delicate and attractive.

Next are round eyes with straight and long natural lashes. This eye shape can use different curls as long as it is balanced enough to avoid a surprising look. So you need to be careful when considering the desired look vs. the client's natural lash lines in this case.

Third, L curl is ideal for monolid or lined eyes. It will help add thickness without feeling heavy on the client's eyes. The suitable thickness is 0.05mm or 0.07mm.

The fourth is the often most-favorited eye type: the almond eye. It's well known that almond eyes are always the right eye shape for most curls and eyelash extensions. These eyes already have their beauty, so you only need to use L curl in the necessary places on the eyes to enhance the shape of the eyes, making them open and full of energy. So which eyes and lash lines are not for L curl?

First of all, eyelashes that are too thin, sparse, and weak. There's nothing you can do about these lashes other than advising your clients to take better care of them. Next are the small eyes with a narrow end of the eyes and downward-pointing eyelashes because they will look heavy when using L curl.

l curl lash extensions

In addition, choosing the right eyelash extension tools is also something you need to pay attention to because eyelashes with a large curl will need precision in each manipulation. LLBA's anti-static silver tweezers would be excellent for such large curls and make everything easy.

The best lash sets for L Curl eyelash extensions

Despite a large curl, the L curl can be applied to many types of eyelash extensions, especially personality eyelash extensions, creating a great change for the eyes.

Hybrid eyelash extension

Hybrid: This eyelash extension blends classic and volume, so consider their proportions carefully. For the volume part, the highlight lash fans should be correctly applied so as not to make the lashes feel heavy. In addition, the volume lashes also need medium or small diameters so the set will look more elegant and gentle.

Cat eyes with l curl lashes

Cat eyes: if talking about the perfect combination in eyelash extensions, perhaps L curl and cat eyes are a perfect couple! The lashes curl up to the tip and can create a very prominent look and without eyeliner your eyes still have sharpness, are suitable for parties or events, and go well with color lashes.

In addition, you will also see some types of eyelash extensions that use L curl to lift the lashes that are pointing down slightly or need to make a highlight at the end of the eye.

Regardless of the type of eyelash extension, do not forget to choose eyelash extensions that are safe, soft, smooth, lightweight. The current favorite products are synthetic mink lashes or silk lashes, and LLBA will make up for a great choice for any diameter and length. Moreover, it is essential to instruct clients to take care of their lash line after the application for better retention and longevity.

We wish you success with L curl lash extensions with all the above. Stay tuned for our next posts!