Everything you need to know about c curl eyelash extension

If you're an eyelash extension technician, you're probably no stranger to C curl lashes. This is one of the most popular curls and a top-most curl for bringing out both natural and glamorous looks for eyelashes. Many clients say that they love this curl because it meets their needs for a moderate curl that is eye-catching and adds a little more drama! In this article, we will together find out the attraction of this curl!

What are C Curl eyelash extensions?

c curl eyelash extension

C curl is a familiar specification of the curl in eyelash extension techniques. This curl is about 60 degrees with a very short base, then flows quickly into a slight curl from root to tip of lashes. As a result, when attached to real lashes, C curl lashes help create a lifted and open look, just enough for a gentle, seductive change that attracts the eye. This curl is very popular and favored by many clients because of its versatile and wide application on most eye shapes. In addition to C curl, there is also an upgraded version called CC curl, greater than C curl but smaller than D curl. Therefore, CC curl is also well used in many types of eyelash extensions to achieve the desired effect.

When to use C curl lash extensions?

C curl can be seen as a curl that is not as picky about the eye shape as other curls. Instead, it is suitable for most eye shapes such as monolids, almond eyes, round eyes, etc. However, to achieve the best effect, C curl lashes should be applied for eyes with straight or slightly drooping eyelashes.

c curl lash extensions

If your client has horizontal lashes and lacks curl, sparse lashes, the application of C curl will immediately help their eyelashes become fuller and longer. You can also combine C curl lashes for eyelash extensions like cat eyes, hybrid lashes, etc.

In addition, another eye shape that you should use C curl on is slightly smaller eyes or slightly drooping eyes. This is where C curl will help those eyes become lively.

Do not use C curl for natural eyelashes that are straight and downward lashes, or on deep eyes, etc. As you know, since the nature of the C curl is a slight curl and favors a natural look, it will not be able to fix all the flaws of every eyelash. Similarly, C curl will not bring much effect to big eyes and curled eyelashes. In addition, another eye shape that you should not use C curl is hooded eyes.

The best lash sets for C Curl eyelash extensions

C curl is the perfect choice for trendy eyelash extensions. The most important thing is that you need to care about the condition of your client's natural lashes and learn how to apply this curl appropriately. Let's take a look at some types of eyelash extensions that often use C curl.

Classic eyelash extensions: The combination of the "one by one" lashing technique and C curl lash extensions has conquered many clients decision-making processes. It creates a gentle, subtle transformation that is just enough to create attraction for the eyes immediately after the eyelash extension application. In particular, this type of eyelash extension is very popular because it can be worn in daily life, such as going to work, going out, attending small parties, etc. Every client will feel free from mascara when they have these lashes.

Volume eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extensions: You can expect your clients who use the volume lashes using C curl to get  thick, soft, moderately curved lashes. . Still keeping a natural, gentle, but impressive look are the greatest advantages of this type of eyelash extension. The clients will find this amazing as it helps them stand out from the crowd.

Hybrid eyelash extension

Hybrid eyelash extension: With hybrid lashes, using a C curl will help the lashes become soft and bring more highlights. The moderate opening of the eyes makes them look attractive, fresh, and unique. It also helps to improve the flaws of sparse, thin eyelashes with many gaps.

Combination of C, CC curl, and D curl: In addition to being used for the whole set, C curl or CC curl is also creatively used by lash artists when mixing them with D curl. This can be applied in styles such as doll eyes, cat eyes, wispy, individual, etc. This blend helps the new set of lashes look more "real", flexible, and much softer.

c curl lashes

Finally, remember that the C curl is a natural, gentle curl, so pay attention to choosing the right material to achieve the desired result. Nowadays, lashes from super light, durable, smooth materials and full sizes are the elements that every lash artist wants to own. You can refer to some reputable brands that are interested in the eyelash extensions world. In particular, LLBA has high-quality mink and faux mink lashes. We also provide a full range of eyelashes such as silk eyelashes, flat eyelashes, other eyelash extension tools, and accessories. One plus point of us that you'll love is the constant promotions and offers, which help lash artists save a lot of costs, especially for beginners.

Here is everything you need to know about c curl eyelash extension. We wish you success, and don't forget to follow our next articles!