Classic and volume lashes: a comparison guide

What are classic and volume lashes?

Eyelash extensions are lashes that stay semi-permanently on the eyes. The Classic technique basically means to stick one single lash extension to an individual natural eyelash. Usually, classic is chosen when you want more length and a bit thicker lashes. They are best if what you want is something that looks natural.

classic vs volume lashes

“Volume” eyelash extensions is a  term used when we apply more than one thin eyelash extension creating a fan and placing it on a natural lash. These will give you a look that is more than what classic styles offer. With a volume set, you can get a thick, dramatic, and fluffy look. If you have ever seen terms such as 3D or 4D, and more, they tell you specifically how many lashes there are in a fan. The number indicates the number of lash extensions in each fan.

classic vs volume lashes

The differences between classic and volume lashes

Classic lashes will give a natural look, such as a mascara look. When we refer to classic eyelash extensions, only one extension is stuck to a natural lash. This is good for extra length and a bit of fullness to the lash line. Clients often choose this when they want a more natural look or if they have a lot of natural eyelashes.

Volume lashes will give a dark eyeliner effect on the lash line and a bolder look. Volume sets are for those who want thicker lashes and a dark lash line. They are made by placing a lash fan on one natural lash. The lash fan can have two to eighteen lashes in the shape of a fan. If the clients have thin lashes but want thicker, full lashes, then volume lashes are the best bet.

differences between classic and volume lashes

Eyelash extension mapping is what makes everyone’s eyelash extensions unique. It provides a guide for you to plan out where and which type of lash and lash fan to place to achieve your client’s desired look. By planning out where each variation of lash and fan will go, it reduces the number of mistakes you can make and help you work towards creating that perfect set of lashes that your clients will love!

Both classic and volume lash sets need to be mapped out in order to be able to offer amazing sets. Planning and mapping out your eyelash extensions will allow you to visualize and choose certain lash styles. This allows you to select sets like Cat-eye sets or Doll eye sets to enhance your client’s natural eye shape and overall appearance.

Cat-eye sets or Doll eye sets

The most popular mappings for both techniques are doll eyes and cat eyes. These two techniques allow you to enhance your client’s eyes by either giving them wider eyes or giving them bigger eyes. 

The doll-eyed look is described as having shorter lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eye, and longer lashes in the middle. So an example of a doll-eyed map would be 8-9-10-11-12-12-12-11-10. 

classic and volume lashes

It doesn’t have to be specific mapping, but doll eyes require the longest lengths to be placed in the middle, and shorter lashes in the inner and outer corners. 

Monolid, hooded and almond eyes look great with this style, as it creates a flattering opened-up look that adds freshness to the face and you would still be placing one individual eyelash extension to one natural lash. 

Cat eyes give the illusion of having wider eyes by having longer lashes in the outer corners of the eyes. The cat-eye style draws attention to the elegant lift at the end of the eyes and brings up that sharp, sexy vibe.

It elongates most of the upturned eye shape. It might slim down round faces. This goes well with those who want a mysterious look that will never be out of date.

An example of a cat-eyed map would be 8-9-10-11-12-13 mm with some 12 mm if the natural outer lashes are shorter. 

classic vs volume eyelash extensions

It is important to note that the volume technique can achieve more defined looks than classic lashes. This is because volume lashes give a darker effect, which will give more flexibility when you try to customize some mappings. 

Volume lashes can also require a little more creativity since you can mix curls, lengths, and work in layers.  Some looks can also only be done with volume lashes, such as the Kim K look, or the M curl looks for clients who have straight lashes. 

LLBA Professional M Curl

LLBA Professional M Curl

Whether your client chooses a classic look or a volume look, it is always important to educate them on lash safety. For example: if their lashes are very brittle but they want 8D volume lashes, that is unsafe for their natural lashes and can cause early fallout or breakage which will leave with them gaps on their lash line and difficulty later on to apply lash extensions. With our knowledge of classic and volume lashes, we can give the best advice to our clients to keep their lashes healthy and safe while keeping our clients happy.