Choosing 2D, 3D, 4D premade fans for light volume lash sets

Nowadays, millions of clients have chosen volume eyelash extensions to get beautiful, thick lash sets while saving a lot of time in the morning instead of applying mascara. However, a perfect set of volume eyelashes requires a precise technician who has the skills and knowledge to create a lustrous lash set. When it comes to this, using premade fans is a great solution for you and can cut down your application time! 

Why should you use 2D, 3D, 4D premade fans?

2d premade volume fans

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Time is money’! Therefore, the first factor that must be mentioned about volume premade fans is that they help to shorten at least half of the time for eyelash extension technicians compared to making fans directly during the application process. You will definitely be able to take your time perfecting their lash set.  The second factor is that premade fans are great for creating evenness and ensuring that the shape of eyelashes is curved from the root to the tip of lashes.  2D, 3D, 4D premade fans can help to create a natural look and to meet the needs of clients, especially the ones that have sparse natural lashes. Another important point for new lash technicians who don’t have much experience making fans yet is that premade fans are really your best bet in the lash industry!

But can clients really get lightweight, natural sets with premade fans? Let's compare eyelash extension sets using 2D, 3D, 4D premade fans!

A comparison of 2D, 3D, 4D premade fans

2d premade fans

2D premade volume fans are created by attaching 2 thin false lashes to 1 volume fan. This kind of fan will definitely give your client that natural look. This style of eyelashes really fits clients who have spare lashes as it will close in the gaps.

2d premade volume fans

Similarly,  3D premade volume fans are created by attaching 3 thin false lashes to 1 volume fan. This is also an option for clients with sparse eyelashes. With these premade fans, the eyes of clients still retain the natural look with a little bit more volume. 

3d premade volume fans

If you are looking for attractive, eye-catching lashes that are not too dramatic, the perfect choice for you is none other than  4D premade fans! These premade fans help the eyes look wider and thicker.

Besides, we want to emphasize that when choosing  2D, 3D, 4D premade fans, you need to make sure that the client’s natural lashes are healthy and strong and able to withstand a volume fan. In order to have light and natural volume lash sets with premade fans, your lash tech needs to use 'super thin' false lashes which have the thickness of 0.07mm or less. 

*LASH FACT: Asian clients and clients over the age of 50 often have thinner real eyelashes than any other groups of clients. Therefore, you should use premade fans according to the following recommendations:

3d premade fans

3D, 4D premade fans from LLBA Professional

4d premade fans

The specific characteristics of  3D and  4D premade fans from LLBA Professional is that we always prioritize choosing the highest quality materials.  We use synthetic mink and silk lashes to create these beautiful fans. The blend of the two mentioned materials creates eyelash extension sets that are soft, smooth, moderately curved and extremely lightweight, not only for 3D, 4D premade fans but also for all eyelash extensions products by LLBA professional.

In addition, 100% of the products are manually checked before packing to make sure that eyelashes did not break or fall apart. LLBA Professional promises that all volume premade fans products have a durability of 4 to 6 weeks and suitable for most face shapes. At LLBA Professional, we have upgraded premade fans to “promade”, which is made from pro-silk material with a dark black color. Products are often packed with about 480 - 530 fans per box which is 4 times the amount of other volume lash trays. The price of 3D, 4D volume premade fans can vary from $16.99 to $27.50 which makes them very budget-friendly. Our products are being used by more than 20,000 stores around the world and are trusted by clients and lash artists.

Visit our store for various  premade fans to provide stunning volume sets. And remember to read more about lashing tips on our blog.