C curl, CC curl, B Curl, D Curl, and L Curl premade fans

Have you taken your classic lash training yet? If so, you probably are aware that there are many different kinds of lash curls. Does that also apply to volume lashes? The answer is yes! It can get quite overwhelming when you’re purchasing your first order of lashes and you see so many different curls. This guide will help you better understand each curl so that you can give your clients the best lashes that suit their wants and their eye shape. Popular curls include B, C, CC, D & L curls. If you are not familiar with volume lashes yet, it is still possible for you to get them as premade fans. 

If you have tried classic lashes on your clients, but they are pushing for something with a little more flair, you can offer them volume sets with premade fans. Here are some tips when it comes to curls:

B curl premade fans

If your client is looking for a very natural look, then check out the B curl. It is not as popular as it was in the beginning since it gave a very natural effect, but it still is used for the inner corners and sometimes for full sets for a very natural look.

The most popular use of the B curl is to use the curl in the inner corners of the eye and then use L curl to achieve an extreme cat-eye. Unfortunately, not a lot of lash suppliers offer L curl. Do some research and I’m sure you’ll find the L curl as premade fans. LLBA Professional does carry the L curl and many more different curls for all of your lashing styles and needs.

C curl premade fans

The C Curl is said to be one of the most popular curls and there are good reasons why! Since it is so popular, lash suppliers usually carry premade fans in this curl which makes it readily and easily accessible for lash artists. Usually, our clients opt for a slight curl with their extensions since they provide an open eye effect while not being too drastic and dramatic. This is exactly what the C Curl achieves for your client. 

Generally speaking, clients who have naturally curled lashes are great candidates for this type of curl as it will really give a standout look that is eye-catching and captivating. 

CC curl premade fan

cc curl premade fans

The CC curl is a step between the overall maturity of the C curl and the dramatic, rebellious D curl. The CC curl is great if what you’re looking for is something a lot like the C curl but with a little more curl! Lash techs find that the CC curl is the best choice to accentuate those with straight lashes, as they help add volume and an extra lift effect. Most lash suppliers have this curl in stock since it is one of the best sellers. 

D curl premade fans

d curl premade fans

D curl is chosen for its dramatic look. If your client wants that intense curl with heightened lift, use D curl. 

The D Curl is curlier than the CC curl. If you have downward-facing natural lashes, this is a great option to create a dramatic look with its 70-degree angle. D curls really bring out the eyes as it makes it very open. 

If you have smaller eyes and want to bring attention, widen or make them stand out, the D Curl is great. Very similar to the CC Curl, this type of curl isn’t great for upward lashes. 

L Curl premade fans

The L curl is pretty much just the C curl except with a flat base as opposed to a base with a curve. But because of this flat base, it is stronger and lays more flat onto the natural lash.  Some people also say that it is easier for them. 

l curl premade fans

If your clients want to better define their eyes and want to make it look brighter and more captivating, then the L curl is a good option. Using the L curl gives an amazing cat-eye effect. 

C curl, CC curl, B Curl, D Curl, and L Curl premade fans from LLBA

At LLBA, we carry lots of high-quality C curl, CC curl, D Curl, and L Curl premade fans or promade fans, that you’ll need for all lash sets, from the light volume, hybrid, to mega volume. 

Since there are so many curls to choose from, make sure you do a proper assessment of your client’s natural lashes and their state to determine which one would fit their eye shape and what they're trying to achieve. You want to make sure you’re acknowledging your client’s wants but also providing them with safe applications as well to keep their lashes healthy. 

There will always be a curl that will suit your client, it is just a matter of choosing the one that will accentuate your client’s lashes the best. A great suggestion to purchase different curls and lash extensions is to find a supplier that has a wide range of choices. LLBA Professional has all of your eyelash needs, especially with their huge selection of curls!