Summer is coming. We better prepare for this season when hair and lashes grow and shed faster, your clients need to refill frequently, your glue drops dry faster, and the humidity increases.

What can you do for good retention during this summer?

  • Keep your adhesive working by storing them in a cool place
  • Maintain humidity in your studio
  • Dry lashes as soon as they’ve been done
  • Aftercare matters: remind your clients to keep their lashes dry and wash them everyday. 

Products you need this summer are Adhesive Shaker, Adhesive container, Hygrometer, and our bladeless fans.



New products for this month

This month, we have added hot items to our store. They include Lash Lift Pro by LLBA and Chocolate Brown Easy Fan. The lash lift kit is hypoallergenic, Sodium bromate free and is designed for fast processing time. You can use this kit and serve up to 30 - 40 clients, which would reduce the cost per client, and make it more beneficial for you.

Our Chocolate Brown Easy Fan is available in high-quality silk! You can buy it in mixed trays in 9mm to 16mm. This kind is available in CC Curl. 

Have a lovely summer, 

LLBA Professional team