A Guide to Wispy Lashes

In this line of work, staying ahead of beauty trends is really important. That’s why it’s essential to know everything to do with eyelash wispies – a super-hot lash trend that really turns heads!

Wispy eyelashes, or also called Kim K lashes - are among the most popular types of eyelashes these days. Sometimes lovingly known as eyelash extension wispy, these types of eyelashes can be said to have been popularized by celebrities and Instagram influencers. If you’re not familiar with the name, at least you may find that you’ve seen them somewhere without knowing what they’re called!

These types of lashes get a lot of attention. If your clients want to be in the center of attention and aren't afraid of being in the spotlight, this could be a style they'll enjoy! For lash artists, wispy lash application is also a chance to showcase your skills.

What are wispy lashes?

With all that being said, what exactly are wispy lashes? Well, wispy lashes are really just as their name suggests: they are very fine, downy and feathered lashes that look absolutely terrific.

If your client asks for wispy lashes, then they might have seen the trend in social media! They are seeking a long, fluffy and interesting look! They are usually used to highlight the eyes and capture visual interest. Your clients can achieve that look with wispy eyelash extensions, an effect that is visually similar to a heavy mascara application.

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How to do wispy lashes?

So how do you really do wispy lashes? Generally speaking, there are quite a few methods to consider when it comes to making wispy lashes, but we will list here the most agreed, common steps.

Clean the lashes

It’s essential that before applying eyelash extensions in order to achieve a good look and good retention, you need to clean your clients’ natural lashes first. Make sure that they’re free from any possible leftover makeup. For this procedure, use a good-quality lash foam to clean the lashes. Afterwards, use a saturated pad to gently wipe across the eyes.

Lash map for wispy lashes

No matter what type of lashes you are applying, a lash map is always needed. For lash artists, lash mapping is key to satisfying your clients and creating amazing looking eyelash extensions. With regards to wispy lashes, this is especially important since the lashes are separate, allowing for mapping to really do its work. 

Generally lash mapping for wispy lashes refers to wispy lash extension mapping; a process of determining which lash extensions go to which natural lashes. Make sure you really assess your client’s natural lashes thoroughly and communicate with them on their preferences.

Start by marking the high points of the natural lashes, which are the places for spike placements. Try to alternate between different lengths for these high points. Usually these points tend to sit in the middle or at the outer corners of the lash line. You can use our Pillar closed fans to maximize your time. It is a combination of 3-6D fans with a small amount of glue at the base. These are perfect for a wispy lash map.

Pillar closed fans by LLBA

Pillar closed fans by LLBA

Once all the peak points are planned out for your client’s natural lashes, it’s time to proceed to the filling stage. This means that you need to decide on lash extensions that go between the spikes. These tend to be lashes that are around 3 mm shorter than the high points.


This is the finishing touch for creating wispy eyelashes. Take a spoolie and pick up any excess product and leftovers on the lashes. If you want to separate lashes that are unfortunately clumping together in some parts, use a pair of tweezers.

If you’re willing and confident with your skills, try on different lengths and play around with customizations a lot before the application process.