A guide to practice eyelash extensions for new lash techs

How long do I need to practice before starting to offer eyelash extension services? A lot of lash artist beginners wonder that and a lot of people have different opinions concerning this, which can be confusing. Don’t worry, we got you! We have been serving lash artists for years now and we can share with you some of our knowledge and experience, so that you can run a successful lash extension business! 

We believe that everyone starts somewhere. Proper lash training courses should have you practice on models given (or provide your own) by your lash academy. Usually, those model sets should be free, since someone is giving you their time and their eyes, so that you can practice for the first time ever. You will usually practice on one or two models maximum during training so you can learn the basics and the techniques. 

After that, you should master the basics and the theory. That means, you can now fly! It is scary at first, but don’t worry, it isn’t! It is not because you’re starting that you shouldn’t charge at all. 

How to practice eyelash extensions

We suggest you build a portfolio of pictures of your sets on models. You can charge model prices. The reason why you shouldn’t do sets for free is because 1. you are certified, 2. you also have to pay for your material and lash supplies, and 3. models get to have a set of lash extensions at a lower price. You can find models at a reduced price. Just explain that these prices are special just for them because you want to use the sets for your portfolio and social media. You can start with 4 models. Take pictures and videos from every angle and use those to promote your services. If you feel like you need more practice, feel free to add more model prices until you feel more comfortable charging people regular prices.

It is also possible for you to practice on the mannequin head or on a sponge. That way, you’ll be able to practice all the important parts of eyelash extension applications: the proper angles, placement, glue dipping, isolation, and direction.

Practicing on a mannequin head

Practicing on a mannequin headPracticing on a mannequin head will allow you to practice isolation, placement and mappings. You’ll be able to experiment without worrying about how good it looks since it is not on a real person, which is amazing ! The only thing to keep in mind is that fake eyelashes have different fibers than humans natural lashes, and also, mannequin eyelashes don’t have layers like we do. You can always stick two pairs of lashes together and practice lashing these in order to have an idea of what eyelash layers are. 

Practice on a sponge

Practice on a sponge

Practicing on a sponge will allow you to practice proper eyelash extension direction and glue dipping. Indeed, it is one thing to practice placement by applying a lash extension on a natural lash, but how the eyelash extension is angled is also important. We want to make sure the lash is stuck at a certain angle so that they look good when the clients open their eyes. Glue dipping is also very important because that will play a role in retention and eyelash health. Use too much, and it could harm the natural lash. Use too little and you’ll have poor retention. We made a video on proper glue dipping techniques and lash application here, feel free to check it out. To practice on a sponge, you can get the round makeup sponge used to apply foundation or powder, and apply eyelash on it. 

Setting up your service fees

Setting up your service fees

Once you are comfortable, you should think about how much you should be charging. There are no regulated rules in the lash industry when it comes to the prices. The prices will vary depending on your location, your supplies cost and what other lash artists around you charge. Take some time to make some calculations (of course, there could be more depending on the laws and regulations you need to follow based on your location).

Here are some things to consider: 

  • Rent
  • Electricity
  • Insurances
  • Lash supplies
  • Lash furnishing 
  • Trainings

Then, do some research to see what the average prices people in your town charge and their experiences. It is normal that a beginner won’t charge as much as someone who has been lashing for 5 years. You can gradually increase your prices, but to do that, you need to be charging a minimum as well, because it will be hard for you to make big increases. 

We suggest you increase the prices by 5-10$ every few months. The full set can be increased by 10$ while fills can be increased by 5$. That way, your loyal clients won’t feel the big change in the price. If you decide to increase a lot at once, you might lose some clients as it won’t fit in their budget anymore. 

Take some time to think about those things in the long run! You do not need to wait a certain time in order to make money as an eyelash extension artist. Be confident and trust your work. You’ll be rocking your lash biz very soon!