A Guide To Determining the Cost of a Lash Lift

Lash lifts are now a trendy cosmetic procedure. Clients clamor for them to get longer, fuller, more voluminous lashes that enhance the eyes and make them pop. 

It’s no wonder the lash & brow industry is expected to grow rapidly in recent years!

how much does a lash lift cost

The best part about the lash lift procedure is that it depends entirely on the client’s natural lashes—no other products are added on or attached in any way. The lifting and curling serums are directly applied to the existing lashes, curling and lifting them to their desired length.

Lash lifts make natural lashes appear wispy and enhanced, similar to the effect of an eyelash curler or mascara. This procedure is often compared to getting eyelash extensions. Still, there is one major difference between the two procedures, aside from their difference in application: the price of lash lifts and extensions differ significantly.

Lash lift costs are significantly lower than lash extensions overall. If you’re trying to set a price range for your pampering service, you’re in the right place.

We’ve covered everything you need to know about determining the average cost of lash lifts. Read on!

How Much Does a Lash Lift Cost: Adding Everything Up

Several factors determine the average lash lift price. Breaking down what goes into this procedure is vital to understanding what clients are expected to pay for—each element is included in calculating the cost of a lash lift.

As with any treatment performed by a trained and experienced professional, a lash lift procedure involves the accumulation of a lot of time and effort on the part of the aesthetician, long before the first client walks through their salon doors.

Here are some important elements that determine eyelash lift cost:

1. Eyelash Lift Courses

Eyelash Lift Courses

Aesthetician training to perform lash lifts requires a significant investment of time, effort, and money. Practical courses along with a written theory LLBA Lash Lift Training Manual ensure that professionals have the ability to learn, put in the effort to practice, and test that their theory and technical knowledge align.

The eyelash lift price includes the effort spent on learning and perfecting the skills that go into the procedure.

2. Experience


Highly trained professionals with years of experience in their industry price their services a bit higher than those just getting started. This is true across various fields, such as healthcare, design, electronics, and, yes, even the beauty industry. 

An aesthetician’s accumulated experience also goes into the cost of eyelash lift. After practical and written training and exams, it takes years to build a good reputation in the industry. Hands-on experience is the best way to develop specialized skills—clients can rest assured that they will get the best possible service from these aestheticians.

At the end of the day, a lash lift procedure is an investment on the part of the client, as well. Superior lash lift procedures are worth that extra cost because they get top-notch results and unparalleled longevity.

Beyond their superior skills, experienced aestheticians often have tighter schedules as they fetch a high demand. This also contributes to higher prices.

3. Products Used in the Lash Lift Procedure

Products Used in the Lash Lift Procedure

Understanding everything that goes into a lash lift—especially the products used—will effectively illustrate how to approximate the lash lift average price.

Keratin Lash Lift Products

For a Yumi or Keratin treatment, the aesthetician applies a curling serum using a silicone rod covered in keratin. Keratin provides strength to hair strands and makes them smooth. 

During application, the lashes are lifted from the base to the tip. The silicone rod is kept in place for eight to ten minutes. And finally, a setting serum further binds the keratin to the eyelash strands.

Length-Volume-Lift (LVL) Lash Lift Products

A length volume lift lash lift produces volume from the hair follicle to the tip. The procedure involves using a wand to apply lifting balm, volumizer, and tint. 

This process takes around 40 minutes and can be combined with a keratin treatment for top-notch results.

Some salons and aestheticians charge separately for eyelash tints, while others include all of the steps and products in one package.

How Much Do People Usually Charge for a Lash Lift?

When clients look up average lash lift prices, they are often surprised by the wide range they discover. The cost can fall anywhere between $95 and $150, depending on the aesthetician’s level of expertise, popularity, and the products they use. On average, $100 is a reasonable estimate for the cost of eyelash lift.

In addition, the salon's location may also play a role in its pricing model. When setting their prices, business owners must factor in real estate and operations expenses, such as overheads, rent, and maintenance. 

Lash lift procedures in reputable areas in larger cities are often a lot more expensive than smaller salons in another area. However, even the cheapest option in the city may still seem quite expensive compared to the suburbs.

How Much Do People Usually Charge for a Lash Lift?

It is not easy to evaluate the cost of a lash lift without getting in touch with another particular aesthetician and discussing their rates. When you speak with them directly, they can provide a reasonable breakdown of the costs that can help you justify your prices. 

The Bottom Line: Pricing Lash Lifts

Considering the various factors that go into lash lifts, there is no fixed way to calculate or estimate what the best price should be. Individual aestheticians and salons may have different metrics for setting their rates.

Keep in mind the training, practice, and skill required to perform an eyelash lift, in addition to product costs and overheads. It is a fairly sensitive procedure that must be performed with precision and care, so experienced aestheticians charge a lash lift price that they believe is fair for their work.