4 Most common lash extension styles to choose for your clients

Nowadays, young girls with good taste spend hours surfing the internet wondering if the newest lash extension styles fit them. At least once in your life, you hear your beautiful clients moan about getting lost amongst thousands of pictures on pinterest, looking for the ultimate choice. This article will guide you through the most popular and beautiful lash extension styles. This can be extremely helpful to sum up your research week and make your decision before gaining favor with your clients.

Lash extensions can be categorized based on many things such as material, length, curl type or even lash color. But what appeared to be the most obvious is the lash extension styles. Choosing a suitable style may help a girl pull out the most amazing look without spending much effort, while a wrong one can make her eyes look smaller or it might lead to an facial imbalance, which makes you spend even more time fixing it.

Below are the 4 most common lash extension styles yet suitable for almost all cases from people who just started their game to those who are already experienced and wanted to try out new stuff. Let’s check them out to see if you can try it next time as a bold experimentation.

The classic eye

Classic eyelash extension style

For this style, one extension goes on one lash. This is what you could convince clients who prefer minimalist fashion style, especially when they first step into the world of lashes. Since this is more like “your-lash-but-better” style, it follows the natural curve of eyes with pretty consistent length across the extension.

The outstanding advantage of classic eyelashes is that it is gentle and suitable for all types of customers, whether they have weak lashes or the most sensitive eyes ever. Because the classic style is very flexible, it easily comes together with any outfit and makeup style to pull out the desirable look. So, if your customers are new or they’re into an effortless yet flattering look; or they are those that change their looks all the time, this is the one for them.

The baby-doll eye

Baby-doll eyelash extension style

There are white collar workers who spend most of their time in office or business meetings. It’s almost certain that they’ll get bored of the classic one’s but don’t want to do anything bold. The baby doll eye might be the one they are looking for.

The baby-doll extension style is a small step up from the classic one. This style is characterized by the long, flattering lashes with the longest ones in the middle. Please note that the lashes will be a bit longer in the middle compared to the inner and outer ones.

This can bring out a bigger and fuller look for eyes but not too dramatic and it fits most eye-shapes. However, a small notice for those who are already gifted with big rounded eyes or whose eyes are closed together is that this might make the eyes a bit too big. So it’s better you ask them to carefully think about it before making the choice.

The Cat Eye

Cat eye eyelash extension style

Wonder why it sounds like an eyeliner style from beauty gurus on Youtube? Well, it actually does bear certain similarities in the look, but this time, it’s for eyelashes. 

Technically, the length of this lash extension will gradually increase from the inner to the outer eyes with a gap of nearly 50% length difference. Let’s say the shortest extension is 9mm then the longest should be around 14mm long. You may start with a variation of the ‘Cat Eye’, which is called the ‘Kitten Eye’ to slowly ease into it. 

Cat-eye style draws attention to the elegant lift at the end of the eyes and brings up that sharp, sexy vibe. It elongates most of the upturned eye shape. It might slim down round faces. This goes well with those who opt for a mysterious and exotic look that will never be out of date.

The Glam Eye

Glam eyelash extension style

The last one is also the most interesting and stunning looking lash extension. In this set of extension, longer length and shorter length lashes will be mixed to create an impressive, dramatic look that catches every passing eye.

As in this set, more lashes are applied than the above mentioned styles, it creates a fuller and really long-lasting look.

Unfortunately, this is not for everyone. You would recommend this glam-eye style for those who really want to be extra in how they look or for those special, life-time occasions like weddings and long holidays. Any girl should nail every photoshoot with this glamorous set.

Above are the 4 most common lash extension styles for you to consider. There are still variations within each style since they consist of the lash set like volume or hybrid, the lashes length also is not one size only. But helping your customers decide on which style to go for is the most crucial one in the process.

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Hope that from this article, you will find that it’s simpler to be a reliable lash artist with fine taste. At the end, we always love to create lash sets which fit not only the look, but also our customer’s personality. The combination of the two will boost their confidence and make them shine.